Meditation is…

Meditation is medicine for our body, heart, mind and Soul. It is a practise of, and it supports the awareness of being in the moment, whilst being in the moment. It generates mindfulness, of that moment, with all its emotions, expressions, and experiences…

Meditation is a practise, and a gift. The more we practise, the easier it can become. It’s gift comes in that the more we do meditate, the more we settle into it. Our breathing softens, calmness descends, emotions settle. Sometimes we move into the observer role, sometimes we gain clarity and insights. Sometimes it throws our emotions up, and this can be good too.

7 Generations

We are living in a time of such change. And such opportunity too. Opportunity for what we are co-creating, not just for our lifetimes, but into the next 7 generations… And, it is this image of the 7 generations where I get fired up, passionate, inspired…. Imagining this future we are creating for the generations still to come… The culture that my Soul may well yet visit – some time then…

Staying with the Beauty, staying with the opportunity – this moves us beyond fear, into creativity.

And, Creativity is what we can use… Fear limits us, immobilises us, restricts us…. Let’s get beyond our Fear – and stay with that Creativity?

So, my intention is that, the work I offer up here, supports you in some way to stay with the beauty. Simply, sharing what I know and see.

The Beauty of your Soul.

For you – To feel that, see that, offer it up. And share that with others around you…

Because, I sure want to see you SHINE!

Lets do it…

And in the doing of it, we create that shining future too… I know it looks tough right now. But I believe in it… Because I’ve already experienced it. And I look forward to journeying there, with you.

Stand Firm Beauty

Artwork by Katy Lipscomb https://www.katylipscomb.com/

That heart-breaking pain of facing “something” – and stretching those muscles inside you – fear, forgiveness, compassion, surrender – letting go, growing and still coming back into the core of yourself… Knowing that there is an energy, a force… And that it will all be ok.

Yes, it looks like Fluffy Woo Woo to many. It has done to many – for so many years. And yet, you know and I know the amount of self-healing, contemplations, navel gazing and just… letting go, surrendering and opening to your own vulnerability and strength which you and I have gone through. I know the pain the Fluffy Woo Woo has taken you through. I get it. I’ve been in there too.

Stand firm Beauty! The work you have been doing, skills accumulated – have all been about preparing you for this time. To stand firm – strong, true, brave and wide open-hearted in this storm… Stand firm.

Yes, it looks like Fluffy Woo Woo to stand in the midst of all we are currently seeing in mainstream media and STILL declare – it will be ok. Without surrendering into the energies of fear and anger yourself…

So many of the stories you and I know – the stories of hope, of land loved, earth turned, children loved, open communication, powerful vulnerability and deep compassion – not many of these stories are not making the news. Yet, they are still there. I know it hurts right now. I know your heart is going through aching sorrow, and flashes of a joy so deep it defies understanding. And that even this joy – it hurts…

You are not just standing in your Fluffy Woo Woo dear heart. You are actively working towards creating a new future. Different to what mainstream media is projecting. And for this future we need you. We need your skills. Your wild, crazy, creative, imagination. Your attention to detail. Your powerful, wide open, vulnerable heart. Your deep fierce compassion. Your vision of a future based on love and compassion. And your willingness to do the work, take the steps needed to get there… You have already gone through the fire in the last years, and in the midst of all this change, all these challenges – you have the right and the strength to stand here in all your glorious Fluffy Woo Woo and declare “It will all be alright.” I will stand by your side. And I will take the steps with you, to create… A different future to the one we see being played out now on mainstream media. And there are others, all holding their pieces of this wild, crazy, loving future we are creating… And there are those, who have perhaps been on the fringes of the Fluffy Woo Woo, but who have gone their own deep healing, through their own deep dark nights…. Who have been broken open by pain, grief, sadness and who have returned into their own sweet hearts from those shadows – and they are stepping forward too. There are many paths…

So, draw together your strength, dear one. Hold onto your Vision. Acknowledge your resources, knowledge and skills. You know the ones – those ones based in the fluffy woo woo knowingness – Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Energetic. That “stuff” you’ve been healing for the last years, that “stuff” slowly making it’s way into the mainstream. And lets create this new Physical…

Dream, not imagine.

A colleague today said “I just can’t imagine how this will work when we go back…”.

I can’t either.

We were talking (messaging actually) about our “other” job, the one we do when we’re not busy mommy-ing. Where we work together in the local Playgroup. A couple of times we’ve bumped into some of the children who would normally be in a play session with us. Normally fairly happy, relaxed- the reaction now is anything but. More like running, screaming and crying… My own child,expecting him to go to dad’s on alternative weekends – in the early days of this virus he flat out refused. “It’s not safe” he said to me. “No contact with people from other households. He’s not from this house, so he’s not safe…”

Can’t really argue with that logic now can I?

The thing is, it will take time. Time to create a new rhythm and way of being. I use this description rather than “normal”, because normal just doesn’t work for me. It never really did.

So, I have to ask myself- as we go back into greater connectivity, what is it that I want to create? I agree with my colleague and friend, I can’t imagine it.

And I don’t want to.

I want to dream it, create it, dance it… It is a new way of being that we are being gifted with the opportunity to create. And that is, quite simply, amazing! Rather marvellous actually.

It’s scary as anything too. Because I have no frame of reference when I begin trying to imagine it. So much has changed! Within me, within the certainties I took for granted in the world around me before all of this .. and I’m an adult, supposed to be inspiring these children who come to me for care that “I have it all under control?”! I don’t feel that I do right now, because I can’t imagine what lies ahead. I can’t imagine it, because I don’t have a concrete, stable, starting point….

But dreaming it? That I feel I can do. Maybe, we need a dream-vision board of what we might like to create. Once we go back…

Thankfully, my whole life has been one of dealing with fluidity and change. And dreaming… That certainly gives me some skills right now, in choosing to dream about what we might create as we come back into greater physical connectivity with each other. And that – the permission to dream, envision, hope – that fills me with anticipation and curiosity! Rather than fear.

The one thing I do know, is that that future will come out of this moment, Now. So, I’m going to do the only thing I can, right now.

Live in the moment.

Cuppa, chocolate, bare feet, planting and playing, in the garden, with my child if i can get him away from the screen. Living in the moment… That’s a song by Jason Marz right? Perhaps, we can even start Playgroup out in the forest for the first month…? Dreaming and visioning the way forward, out of this … 😉

Deepening Intuition

Back when I used to teach intuition development circles, spiritual circles, and more, my students used to ask me so often – “How? How do we do this?” The simple truth is, Listen to your Heart. Intuition speaks loudest through the heart. And to hear it, see it, feel it – experience it – it is so important to keep the heart soft and open.

It is through the heart that intuition speaks. And it can be a whisper, or a roar….

Yea, there’s all the big sparkly visions too, and the guides speaking, and the soul connection. But the intuition is a constant murmur speaking through and from the heart. So, to deepen intuition – listen to your heart. Everyday. And feed it, keep it soft, nourish it with beauty, gratitude and love.

The heart doesn’t speak judgement, or fear. It simply speaks compassionate love. And it connects you – if you are willing to listen – to an ever deepening source for this.

Sounds simple hey? It is. And our minds want to complicate this, have a formula to follow…. but here’s the simple truth. If you want to really deepen to your intuition and keep on deepening this, listen to your heart. And be willing to move beyond fear, judgement, rational thoughts and into ever deepening compassion. For yourself and others.

Do you dare?

K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, Sweetheart.

The most powerful things we can do, are also often the simplest. We look for ways of changing them, making them more important. We look for a structure to follow, a routine, a practise… These things can give our minds a path to follow. And this is good. It is important for our minds to be occupied following this path…

And then, as we get used to following this path, something profound starts to happen. We slow down. Our breathing deepens. We pay more attention to our bodies, – the feelings, sensations and emotions coming up. And all of this – particularly in times of great change are so important.

And, then – the mind goes quiet…

And this amazing energy arises inside of ourselves! This force!

And the only way to describe it, is LOVE.

We look at people differently. Some people seem to shine out at us. There is a pull to talk to them… When we do – there is a synchronicity, a meeting of minds and thoughts which act as a catapult, taking each one of us deeper into understanding of our own life paths. A co-incidence of something needed being offered by the other, a gift of time, and energy being exchanged, or something practical – flour, eggs, seeds, cement.

When we walk with this amazing energy, when we live with this force of energy – this LOVE – in our day to day lives, something amazing begins to happen.

Our minds quiet, judgements and preconceptions of others begins to fall away. Synchronicity occurs. Magical miracles in the everyday. Our breathing slows, our body softens. And there is space for more.

And we come back to our everyday practises, loving the routine. Loving the practise. Loving the structure. Not needing it, but following it nonetheless. Because it keeps our mind occupied and leaves space for this amazing force of energy to rise up within ourselves…. And, there begins to be space to realise that it is the simple things which count. Not the name, or where it originated from, or which master’s lineage.

Just, the breath, the flow, the energy, the body. The Being.

Today, I wish for you that k.i.s.s. That profound moment that happens when we can each keep it simple…

A mommy meditation

Every morning my child and I start off with a snuggle. It’s hard to remember to do this, to make the time for this. My mind has been going in a million different directions – there are so many things that need doing, so many things I want to do. I really want to sit and meditate… And Snuggling? It is not always on that list! But. When I just give myself the time and permission to do it – the rest of the day does become easier. There is a flow. And we are better at listening to each other and connecting. So, I try. Because, they are small for such a short period of time. And this is my chance now to install in him practises and patterns of behaviour which – hopefully – will support him later on.

This morning snuggle started off in the dining room chair. I had just made that all important first cup of tea. You know the one right? The one that is still hot… We started there – but he has grown so big now that he doesn’t really fit comfortably on my lap. My dressing gown doesn’t go round us both anymore. So, he wanted to move to the sofa… “I can’t carry you and my tea” I told him, laughing… We managed. He wrapped those legs around me, hung round my neck like a chimp and we got there, tea in one hand. By now, it was cool enough to drink -in one quick, throat warming liquid blissful gulp… passing thought – I was glad it was the regular size cup. On the sofa, he snuggled in. I couldn’t get comfy, lying half sideways, no support for my head. I could feel the tension in my body. And, I could feel how his body wasn’t relaxing properly…. I wriggled down, facing into the back of the sofa, with him curled up in my arms, tucked the dressing gown as closely around us as I could, wrapped his toes up in it… And breathed. And realised, I could meditate here, like this, with him in my arms. I might fall asleep again, but it wouldn’t actually matter.

So, lying there, wrapped around my son, with his back to me, in the warmth of the day not started yet, I let myself sink into my breath and my body. Just breathing. Focusing. Feeling. Noticing the thoughts. And letting them go. My body softened. My child’s body softened. I remembered what it was like to lie in the same position when he was still in my womb. Before I knew him as him. I softened further. And breathed deeper. Just for a moment.

The world stopped.

And I realised this is the most important thing I can do right now. His body gets this wisdom. Just breathing. Just being in the moment. Just softening.

This is something I want to share with all my mommys. This practise.

I have been desprately trying to find time and space to meditate on a regular basis, to share this with my child. And all the time it is right here, in my arms, every morning.

As we lay there, I remembered all the times I lay like this as a child, on the earth, feeling that undefinable sense of presence of the land around me wrapping around me. Holding me as a mother holds her child. As my own mother held me, when there was time. And just for a moment, as I lay there, holding my own child, I had a sense of that infinite, undefinable sense of presence, wrapping so softly around me once more. Holding me, holding my child. Safe and warm, in that moment before the day started. Supporting me always.

Staying sane as a busy mom…

  • Be in the Moment. Every moment. Whatever it is I am doing. Presence to my child: – Throwing toys out of the cot and having a tantrum. – Building a website. – Writing a book. – Massaging. – Being Massaged. Whatever it is, I aspire to BE in THAT moment.
  • Work in short bursts. Even if that is only 10mins, waiting for a child’s club to end.
  • Routine and Self-Care are Key! If I don’t look after myself first, routine goes out the window and productivity vanishes.
  • Dance every morning with my child. If we set the morning right, the rest flows….
  • Declutter. Whatever, whenever I can. Even if that means doing the damn dishes. Or meditating and clearing out my mind-chatter…
  • Incorporate chores with my child as part of the day to day. It’s a pain and slows me down now, but in 10 years time when my child is a teen it will make a difference. These are important life-skills, and a chance to chat, laugh, dance, bond, argue, discuss. It is the real stuff of life…
  • Stand and Stare. Take time out to just stop and stare. I actively LOOK for beauty. When I find it, I stop and stare and let it fill me from the soles of my feet, all the way up… Watching my child do this (even when I was in a rush) – magic. This is the nourishment for life…
  • Use “Power Times” to actively recharge. Walking at sunset and/or sunrise actively recharges my batteries.
  • Make eye contact with everyone. Talk to strangers and remember to say hello, goodbye and thank-you. Actively work to brighten everyone’s day. It lifts me up! And, you never know when you might meet an angel in disguise…
  • Look for laughter opportunities. Most often with or at myself.
  • Listen to crazy music and dance.
  • Stretch. Breathe. And Meditate. (even if its just for 2 minutes drinking that cup of tea)
  • Open the post.
  • Pay the bills on time.
  • Celebrate each and every small success. Congratulate myself for those achievements… (Today I washed the dishes and my son left the house smiling…)