Meditation is…

Meditation is medicine for our body, heart, mind and Soul. It is a practise of, and it supports the awareness of being in the moment, whilst being in the moment. It generates mindfulness, of that moment, with all its emotions, expressions, and experiences…

Meditation is a practise, and a gift. The more we practise, the easier it can become. It’s gift comes in that the more we do meditate, the more we settle into it. Our breathing softens, calmness descends, emotions settle. Sometimes we move into the observer role, sometimes we gain clarity and insights. Sometimes it throws our emotions up, and this can be good too.

Be in Joy

From Peggy Black’s Morning Messages Invitations, this card made me smile…

And think of my friend Vicki O’Grady-Longo – who is a #ChiefJoyOfficer – a ##JoyKindler… If you ever are in need of having your Joy Sparked, I’d prescribe you 10minutes in her presence… 😘

Trees, Trees, Trees…

Shew, what a week it has been! Quick update about a course starting TOMORROW! So far, I’ve only been keeping the beauties who have been doing Tree meditations with me up-to-date… Time to poke my head up above the parapet a bit..

For me, this week has been fiery, fast moving and diving down into those mercury retrograde moments… 😉 

I hope you are well.  I hope you finding moments of gentleness in amongst the mayhem, to look for fairies, and to spend time with Beauty… Listening. Feeling. Being.
And if at all possible, I hope that you have been breathing deep with a tree or two close by.  And moving beyond any of those old patterns which are surfacing… – You know the ones – the ones which no longer serve the radiant beauty of who you are today… Time to heal! 😉 💜

Starting Journeying with Trees tomorrow. Whoop whoop! 💚💜

And, you can join at any time during the year as it “rolls over” into the next year…

It’s a Year long extravaganza with a 90 minute live session every 28 days, recordings, meditations, ceremony and practice, written content etc in the course notes – All focussed around taking us deeper into connection with Trees, their energy, stories and how we can connect with them MORE. In ways you may not have thought of yet.   (I’m working towards streamlining that part and a community area in there – I’m excited about it as I think it will make things luscious and easier all round…) 

If you want to come along and join for just one session to see if this is for you, let me know? I’m happy to do that too. No charge on that.

Voucher for it is HEARTANDSOUL – please feel free to make use of it. If you go to the “Sign up Now” page and enter it there, you’ll get a range of prices.  You can either pay there, then, or go to Paypal and use the PayPal link to enter the amount you choose… 

I’ll have the information on Nourish (a 7 week weekly course starting 26th May) available soon…. 

Shew, like I say, its been a busy week!

In Joy, and with Gratitude for your presence on the planet… 

Oh, and if you do get a moment to breathe and be still… Consider where you might plant a tree won’t you please? Breathing and all of that y’know? 😘


A New Job & weaving missing pieces of myself together again…

I’ve been so quiet here. So still. In amongst being busy too… But back in November I wrote about how I was struggling… That I was exhausted and something was “lacking”.
I think I’ve found it. Some of it was doubt – “How can I, little hippy that I am, do the work that I am feeling called to – when I’m not even sure what it is or how to describe it? How do I take the Visions that I’ve seen and transform them into something that I can do, or share, or take practical action on? A job description or work of some kind? People keep asking me to do other stuff – which I love, and see the value of, but it doesn’t speak whole-heartedly to my heart… Partially because I can’t even find the words to speak to describe what is sitting there in my heart….”
It’s still going to be a JOURNEY of note I’m sure, and I’m less worried about trying to do or share or take practical action around those visions… Back in November, December, the only thing I really knew for sure was that I had to “make space”. Stop. Create a space for something else – something deeply healing for myself – to emerge.
Of course, it didn’t make sense to stop! Who said that Soul cares about making sense anyway?
But I did. I stopped.
And, back in March, I got offered this job – co-ordinator for a local zero-waste programme… There’s strands of it weaving together community resilience, and garden growing programmes, and surplus sharing and lessening plastics… SO MANY STRANDS! It’s this wonderful weave of a dance of so many ideas and possibilities… And I get to play with these and pull them apart and turn them from ideas into projects and doing! And it is part-time! Which allows me to continue with the intuition and soul focussed part of my work I’ve been doing for so long….

It is quite simply marvellous!

I’m left standing here, with my feet firmly in my garden, one hand holding all this community and resilience and permaculture stuff, and the other hand holding all my soul focussed intuition work – and I feel like I am weaving them together into the most marvellous tapestry! It almost doesn’t make sense but it makes perfect sense when I look at the story of my life and all the aspects I have been so passionate about for so long… And to anyone who know me… Practical, embedded, soul-full, transformation work… (Some of the people I can’t talk soul stuff with, some I can’t talk energy and carbon footprint with – but that’s ok too, I can stand in the space inbetween). And it feels like each aspect will nurture and nourish the other… AND – I get to talk to people face to face. I was missing that during these last couple of years…

So, weaving forward – course dates to come, a new community space, more meditations, healing circles… More gardening, more engagement with people, more inspiration… Just more. Just after that job offer I came down with Covid – for which I am grateful. It was a bit like experiencing a mini vision quest – and I come out of it with a greater sense of clarity…

I am grateful to be here with you, to sharing time and space, for the energy of you in the weaving tapestry of life… However and wherever our paths cross. Thank you. I am just grateful to be here on this planet at this time now, in amongst all these changes, and potential. Especially during the hard times… There is a quote I read earlier this week, which spoke to my heart… (I’ll share it now now, along with a picture of the whole card I found it on.) I believe that.. No matter the appearance of the outer work & world, there is always more we each can do in the inner world, and this has an effect… And this quote speaks to that….

“Each time you shift an emotional response from anger or judgement to love, joy or gratitude you are doing global service work on a personal level.”

Peggy Black, Morning Message Invitations

Being present to the heartbreak, sending love out, I believe that we can lift each other. Strangers and friends alike. Within that, I know for myself that it is so important to honour when things just don’t feel right within myself, and to go within to do that inner healing, so I can come back out more present. I couldn’t share much the last few months, simply because I couldn’t.

It is good to be here, Now.

From Peggy Black, Morning Messages Invitations

Scars & Legacy

Tears dripping again – yes, today is one of “THOSE” days!

When my heart has been stretched so wide, and I am so in awe that I just have no other sane response other than to feel this upwelling of gratitude, awe, joy and simply just that heart energy welling through me…

A couple of days ago my friend Vicki J. O’Grady-Longo wrote on LinkedIn about Scars –

“Some of my scars stem from wounds deep in my spirit that reach into the depths of my soul

Shadows from my past experiences,

etched by heartache, grief, doubt, regrets and remorse…”

Vicki J. O’Grady-Longo

She went on and wrote about how her scars remind her that she stayed in the game, and endured the struggles. She persisted. She survived. And how, that misery she experienced now gets to be her ministry…”

Simply a powerful piece of writing that spoke to my heart, and it reminded me… Got me thinking…. About how our deepest vulnerabilities – those wounds that hurt so deep, that can come from a place of hurt, can also become such a strength and place of inspiration to draw upon. That in facing them, we begin to move beyond the limitations put upon us. Perhaps by circumstances, perhaps by work ethics that don’t support or are in conflict to personality. That in the workplace prior to Covid perhaps it “wasn’t done” to talk about deep emotions, wounding, heartache, empathy, gratitude, seeking joy….
And now, I see and encounter more and more people who’s calling is to create a culture of Kindness at work. To act as a “Joy Office” – my friend Vicki is a shining example of a joy officer. To offer experiences of how gratitude can transform the working environment.
I came away from Vicki’s piece of writing smiling, with my heart stretched – thinking of all the sacred wounds I carry that act as a catalyst for me to do more, be more present, offer more into the world…. That seeking to fulfill a role which doesn’t make sense – and yet speaks to my heart.

I jumped on the 7 Day Exploration of Gratitude with Kevin Monroe and realised I had time to join the 60min Gratitude Encounter yesterday – and in so many ways it’s like coming home. Vicki was in the 7 days, I invited some friends to the Encounter – and met people there I hadn’t known before who I just recognise as part of my tribe y’know? And, even more delicious – friends I hadn’t seen for a while were there too! I came away from the hour filled up. I woke up this morning curious to see what others had posted in the 7 Days – and feeling such a sense of celebration at other’s sharing of their wins.

Simple things. Time spent with children. Saying No to say Yes. Taking a pause to reflect on gratitude – to look for the opportunity to feel grateful….

Driving in to work (I have a new part-time, flexible hours job in a co-ordinator role on reducing waste!!), I was aware of how full I felt. Peaceful, nourished, joyful. Nettles for breakfast delicousness on top of the happiness emotions… The worry is still there about bills and practicalities – but I was aware it wasn’t as overwhelming. That there is a sense of facing my own old scars and moving beyond them – and a sense of joy within that. It’s a conscious choice I’ve felt pulling at me the last days or so. To face some old wounds and to go deeper, to go beyond into greater joy & healing….

Sitting in the community hub at Number One, having a chat with Jean about the work to be done – she’s this focal point with a vision, and listening and watching her as she engaged with people, it just struck me. That heart stretching…
She “just” sat there and listened. And people came in and shared. Ideas, worries, concerns, concepts, dreams, visions… Every so often she bounced up and popped a potatoe in someone’s bag or pointed out the tucked away meal kept for so and so. Or the extra jars she’d been putting aside because so and so would be making chutney soon…. (Number One is a “community hub” for want of a better way to describe it. Pop up green grocer, venue to share Supermarket Surplus from, site for a recovery group, and an artists group, kitchen for home cooked meals to be shared from… Its a place of sharing, and community. A place of resilience and hope building, practical action, rhubarb and garden surplus sharing…. And more!)

Jean radiates empathy, and a “can do” perspective.
And, like all of us she has her story, her background. I was in to talk about the new role, ask after logistics and bits and pieces and I found myself wishing I could bottle her up. This amazing fount of energy, empathy, ideas, creativity, experience, wisdom, training and vision…. All the diverse stories that have led her to what she is doing now, and what she is offering into the world – that legacy of who she is and how she chooses to engage with the world. Especially when it tries to say “NO” to her, or limit what she is able to do in terms of community…

Nothing is ever wasted. There is no experience any one of us has that does not have value somehow, somewhere. And we can take those scars of those sacred woundings and turn them to such potential…. Such Joy. And such Hope.

I know I walk around with one foot resting on the question of “What work is happening now to shape the 7 generations?” – with the expectation that we are able to create a positive one for them. I know I am predisposed to see the positive, the hopeful & the inspiration in the work and people I see now. Those seeds of work you and I are doing which creates that future for the 7 generations. I know not everyone has the same experiences or sees the positivity of these seeds in the work we are all doing… I’ve been called a fluffy hippy so many times that sometimes I purposely flaunt that label, and the hat which goes with it…

But I am just so grateful to be surrounded by so many who take the scars of the past, and turn them into this amazing legacy of what they are creating… All those things and doings that they were told 10 years ago, or 14 years ago, or 40 years ago – “That doesn’t make sense. It won’t work. That’s weird. No one will approve.” Just these courageous souls who are taking their scars and their passion and their utmost heart wrenching pull to create something different. Something more…

These people are an amazing, inspiring legacy of turning scars into such beauty…. and I am grateful to each one of them – and many more I’ve not listed here!

And please, please, if you are someone with a sacred wound – that wound that cuts so deep in the face of what’s in your heart, in the face of what speaks to your joy and to your heart – PLEASE keep going. Your scars are beautiful and the stories they tell of what you have survived are so powerful… You are already creating a legacy, planting seeds for a great change and a future which sustains those 7 generations and beyond… Please keep going.

OUR scars are the stories we will tell the grandchildren sometime of how we survived, how we created change and positivity, how we kept hope and dreamed big dreams and chased visions which we then made real in the world around.

I plan to make it beautiful, soft, courageous, welcoming, and full of empathy, compassion, joy….

Limitless Being – A Meditation

From a Tuesday Morning Live Meditation 2022-05-03

Strengthening connection with your own Higher Self & Soul’s knowing.  Taking a moment to connect with this more deeply and what it would mean to live daily from within this connection. 

18 mins

With Gratitude.


Gratitude stretching…

Power of NOW

Sitting this morning, planning ahead, I pulled a card from my Morning Messages Invitations by Peggy Black (link to her site here). It so made me giggle, because, in the planning, my brain had leaped ahead about 30 years and started wondering “How the hell are we going to manage THIS”…

That little voice within me said “Stop. Feel. Follow that feeling. Find and follow the joy.” And the joy-pull in this moment of planning panic was to go pull one of these cards (which I often forget to use truthfully. I’d only pulled them out of storage to answer a client’s “But, How question” last week…)

This is the card I pulled:

Good reminder. Great wisdom. Off to practice now…

Being in Survival Mode, Gratitude & Kindness – Secret Super Powers

“Being in Survival Mode” – I have found that the thing about it is, so often, I might recognise when I am entering into it, and think to myself “Ah, I must remember I’ve entered survival mode to cope with this (whatever “this” is) – I really must remember to recognise when it is time to come out of it & put it down again… ” But once it is triggered, it becomes – for me – a constant operating mode I’m not even consciously aware I’m in. Until the opportunity arises to do the deep “unpicking” work – or something, or someone, or a quote triggers a recognition of – “Ah, yes, I recognise this within myself… Time to heal it…” And by that point – it is so embedded! And when that survival mode has been triggered as a child… Well. It can become the norm.

It did for me. And I was surprised as anything the first time I recognised that as a pattern or a trauma within me. That I was a “survivor of a war”, that I was a “refugee of Rhodesia”. I had never consciously realised where that pattern came from, why, or even what it was…

I get a sense, working with healing awareness over the last 20 years or so, that one of the great healing opportunities of this age is recognise, reframe, release that survival mode mechanism. Whether it is ancestral, generational or personal trauma related… This great sacred wound we are working to release – to move into knowing – absolutely KNOWING – at such a deep level that we are all connected, that we are all held… That we are safe, connected, loved. Held on the planet… Held within a deep sense of connection – whatever religion or point of focus we name this individually… Soul awareness perhaps… There are so many amazing techniques and healing modalities focussed around it now too! Such deep work and opportunities to go beyond the restriction and fear…

And, that it is happening now, where there is so much going on in terms of pandemics, war, oil – that challenge to recognise that we are safe, in the face of all the challenges which appear to point to otherwise…. Well – it is a hell of a polarity!!!

And we all have such different conflicting beliefs and perceptions around “right” and “wrong”.

Kindness helps. We can all access Kindness. Give it. Receive it. It is like this secret superpower to spread sunshine in people’s lives and lift them up… It is an easy superpower to own, and to use. So easy that I guess it gets overlooked. Or undervalued. And there is no judgement in Kindness – just the opportunity to give it or receive it.

Gratitude ah – Gratitude – Such a powerful force for moving us into noticing the beauty, the opportunities around us, in everyday moments… Feeling into them. Soaking in that feeling of being grateful! Even just writing that, I can feel how my lungs relax and breathe deep… This magic super power of energy that just melts the restrictions within me when it feels too big, too hard, too scary, too intimidating to reach for love, or forgiveness, or work at my own healing… Or when it is too scary to face my own fears and restrictions within me! It is like this magic, secret back door into transmuting and melting my fear and sense of restriction…

Gratitude is truly a miracle! That quote of Kevin Monroe’s – “Gratitude isn’t a cure all. However, it is one powerful cope all.”

And the healing opportunity in feeling it. Experiencing it. The secret is to let myself feel into it – and be held within it. And then, to not let myself be scared of the melting – or the tears that surface, even where or when I don’t know why they come, or where they came from, or where the big emotions come from. To know and trust that the way beyond them is through them… And that it is ok to let my body shake it all loose, and that I am – my heart – is big enough and strong enough – to hold both the fear and the trust. The joy and the grief. The heartache and the wonder.

That it is always a balance. And it can take time. And that, regardless of outside appearances – everything will always be ok. Just ok might have many different shapes… And I have to be clear with myself about which one I am willing to live with, or willing to choose to live with…

I choose Kindness. I choose Gratitude. I choose seeing Beauty everywhere… I choose living within this perspective, beyond fear….

Doing what we can, where and when we can…

A friend took me out for the most delicious coffee and cake yesterday. Somewhere new in that I’ve not been there before. Delicious gluten free brownie with raspberries on the top…. Streaming sunshine and outside tables…

Talking about the state of the world, who we are and where we are now…

And whilst we were there, another mom from my child’s school came out with her mom. They’d been out for a walk, and stopped in for coffee and cake…

The conversation turned to Ukraine and the war, how overwhelming it feels -and that desire to do more. Be More. Give More. This amazing woman, talking about how her heart was hurting…. And she felt so powerless…

It reminded me… There’s a piece I’ve been writing, about Grief and Gratitude, and the time when my father passed away – how overwhelming it felt. And how guilty I felt about “not being able to do enough”. That desire to do more, that sense of feeling guilty. The sense that I “ought” to suffer with the ones suffering – and the recognition that when that suffering, and those big, heavy, deep emotions did rise up within me – how I then felt crippled, and unable to do much of anything. Just exhausted.

My mom said to me at the time that I needed to be more like Mother Teresa. I remember being shocked, horrified, wondering how much more she thought I could take on… She went on to explain that in one particular interview Mother Teresa was asked how she managed to do so much? Her reply was that she didn’t. She only did what was in front of her, at any one point of time, until she could do no more. Then she handed it over “to a Higher Power”, and moved onto the next thing in front of her. So, she was only ever doing one thing at a time…. And being grateful for the ability to do just that one thing…

It’s good wisdom. I learnt, during the years after my dad’s passing, when I was trying to do so much, that my guilt and my grief over the suffering, heartache and pain I saw served no one. But that focussing on my joy, on my gratitude, on the beauty I saw around me – this kept me strong enough to keep doing “just one thing”.

Doing what I could, when I could, where I could. And putting the rest down….

My heart breaks at so much of the challenges I see being experienced in the world today. I am afraid. I don’t know how or where, or when it can get better. And this is the world my child is growing up within…

And yet, my fear serves no one. Guilt over another’s pain, whilst I have a home serves me. Instead, these emotions cripple me. Inhibits me, keeps me small and can even prevent me from doing more, stretching into what I could do… What serves me? Coming into my joy, reaching for gratitude. Letting it melt the grief and pain in my heart and strengthen me.

And then, from that place, doing what I can, where I can, when I can.

Kindness Matters…

I was thinking a few moments ago that I wanted to do a post about car sharing. Why don’t we do it more often? The benefits of it…. Environmental impact. Community connectivity. Traffic jams. Conversations. My brain was going around the houses with it… And then.

I stopped. And just really thought about it, and my reasons for why I was writing about this.

My car has been off the road recently. For nearly 3 weeks I have been asking friends for lifts. Before these 3 weeks, I was struggling with feeling isolated… In amongst this has been my birthday, money has been tight. I’m in the midst of starting a new job championing and co-ordinating “stuff” around Community Care and Nurture, and Climate Change Actions. Peak Oil. Wildflower planting. My brain has been looking for ways to do more… And I have been receiving such kindness! Partially as a result of having to ask for the help with my car situation.

The simple action of just slowing down, being dependant on another for a lift – and letting that unfold however and wherever it flows has been powerful. A reminder – or even a lesson – in Kindness.

My son and I visited the local wildlife garden at The Barn with friends on Sunday. I wouldn’t have gone on my own – I’ve not been there for years. Slowing down, accepting the lift from my friend – she took us out for lunch too. We had the most marvellous unexpected day – filled with wildflower planting, and tattie celebrations and inspiring worm poo conversations. And we spent hours in the Sun, with the children. I was – am – so grateful for the Kindness she gave us. We went places I wouldn’t have thought to go, and spent hours doing it… I got to just relax in surrendering to someone else being in the lead…

Yesterday, another friend took me shopping. First, she took me out for coffee and cake! Once again, we spent hours in the sun, chatting and catching up, and talking about the state of the world, our families, our hearts…. I came home, not just with my groceries, but with my heart filled. Nourished.

Today, her husband took me to go collect my car. We got to talk about his new job, my new job, wildflower planting, hopes and dreams, and the challenges of children…

In the face of all this, that sense of isolation I was feeling has dissolved

Kindness matters. So incredibly much. Such a simple thing to receive – that lift from another. And yet, the other affect of it – my heart filled. I feel stronger, more able to do more, give more, share more… Inspired. Grateful. Nourished and Supported. And looking for ways to gift more…

The side effect of the car sharing that resonates with me wasn’t about it being better for the environment. It is that it connects me more deeply with the community around me, filling my heart, and allowing for increased connectivity, ideas, communication, collaborations… And what it came down, really and truly – someone being Kind to me, and saying yes to receiving that.

This particular post – inspired by Kevin Monroe, with his questions and post : “Where did YOU encounter kindness this week? Where can you SHOW kindness today?

Kindness: Take Some/Give Some. You can make a world of difference for someone who crosses your path today.”
I even robbed his picture off the original… Thank You Kevin. Inspired once again.

I came away with this thought : “Every action we can take in terms of creating a better, more sustainable, vibrant, resilient future comes down ultimately to Kindness.”