Supporting the Journey…

Working hours:

4am-6am daily UK time, & whilst my child is at school

Whichever evenings I have a live course running.

Alternate weekends.

Using TimeZones, I’m available for global connections

As a single mom, home-schooling during Covid 19 when needed, in the UK, my hours can be flexible.

In the gaps between play and school, and in the peace of the pre-dawn hours before the day starts….

Or once the child is in bed….

If I don’t get back to you straight away, please bear with me – I’ll be with you as soon as I’m able. Normally 4 days if things are particularly busy that week… Do try again!

My Calendar is here

Available for One-to-One Soul Support and Consultations, building a Membership package, offering online courses – and generally, sharing what I know, from my Heart to Yours.

Let’s connect! From my heart and soul to yours…

To book a course, mentoring, or massage, or talk about what is possible… Retreats later perhaps?

Via Facebook Morag L Leiper

All live sessions are currently via Zoom or WhatsApp

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