Month: December 2021

Gifting, Receiving – & Validating our Children…

I had one of “those” Mommy conversations last night. You know the ones I mean? Where you are so distracted by noise, chaos, happy children & making sure they are safe while having fun – whilst at the same time, being aware of wanting… Continue Reading “Gifting, Receiving – & Validating our Children…”

Love. MORE. Boundaries

Love more. And knowing when to take action, or sit….
Knowing I cannot rescue all, that I can only do, in each moment, what I can…

Love. MORE.

I woke up this morning with tears dripping… And my heart feeling so hollow and so full at the same time. In my dream, I was sitting amongst a circle of my friends – people who in the everyday world are seekers, dedicated to… Continue Reading “Love. MORE.”