Month: May 2022

Monday Marvelous Meditations

Nourish to Flourish

It’s not perfect, but it’s happening… Whoop whoop! Its starting tomorrow… Well, the live sessions are, and I’ll be adding to the content as we journey together… Jump on the live sessions, or take your time with the recorded content… 😉 Transformational work, play, meditations,… Continue Reading “Nourish to Flourish”

Buzzing Powerful Ideas…

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come” Victor Hugo, Les Miserables I found myself thinking this last week. I was in at Number ONE – the local Community Hub in Banchory. I’ve taken on a new part-time role under Deeside… Continue Reading “Buzzing Powerful Ideas…”

Be in Joy

From Peggy Black’s Morning Messages Invitations, this card made me smile… And think of my friend Vicki O’Grady-Longo – who is a #ChiefJoyOfficer – a ##JoyKindler… If you ever are in need of having your Joy Sparked, I’d prescribe you 10minutes in her presence…… Continue Reading “Be in Joy”

Trees, Trees, Trees…

Shew, what a week it has been! Quick update about a course starting TOMORROW! So far, I’ve only been keeping the beauties who have been doing Tree meditations with me up-to-date… Time to poke my head up above the parapet a bit.. For me, this… Continue Reading “Trees, Trees, Trees…”

A New Job & weaving missing pieces of myself together again…

Hola! I’ve been so quiet here. So still. In amongst being busy too… But back in November I wrote about how I was struggling… That I was exhausted and something was “lacking”. I think I’ve found it. Some of it was doubt – “How… Continue Reading “A New Job & weaving missing pieces of myself together again…”

Scars & Legacy

Tears dripping again – yes, today is one of “THOSE” days! When my heart has been stretched so wide, and I am so in awe that I just have no other sane response other than to feel this upwelling of gratitude, awe, joy and… Continue Reading “Scars & Legacy”

Limitless Being – A Meditation