Month: June 2022

Resting in the Cradle of your BE-ing & Expanding Love – A Meditation

From a Marvellous Monday Meditation 2022-06-27 Working from the hips and pelvis, allowing the spine to stretch, unwind and soften… Being drawn upward from the Crown, and opening into the Heart- and beyond… Expanding into the energy of Love, from this place of balance… Continue Reading “Resting in the Cradle of your BE-ing & Expanding Love – A Meditation”

Gratitude practice today…

“Usually” this is a practice I keep on Facebook, or in my journal – simply a daily witnessing of the abundance & joy I find around me…. Talking with a colleague today, I’m feeling inspired to more visibility of this practice. More accountability. More… Continue Reading “Gratitude practice today…”

About Softening And A Meditation

A few weeks ago I was watching – and engaging with – a conversation about Scars, the Legacy they leave us with – and whether we push through these – or soften… Layers of Scars, emotional, mental, physical, soul based – and the healing… Continue Reading “About Softening And A Meditation”

Softening Scars…

One of the (other) hats I wear in the world is as a Body Worker. – A massage therapist, colour-as-healing therapist, and a Myofascial Release Therapist. This last is so precious to me – though all of the studies, and training, and practises over… Continue Reading “Softening Scars…”

JOY Filled June…

Joyful June…. “Take a picture of something that brings you JOY today & share it” Big cloudless skies & the feeling of sun on my skin, and a tree shaded, well cared for fresh water Spring…. 😍🎉 What’s yours? 😘