Grounding light

Opening to Deepening Connection

A Meditation from 27th July 2021, short and sweet, Grounding Light into the Earth and Opening to Deepening Connection. 

Powerful & Healing – I hope you enjoy… 

With Love,


2 responses to “Grounding light”

  1. Hi Morag
    Looks like you are being busy.

    Beautiful meditation, thanks for sharing.

    I would love to attend Embedded but I’m not good later at night, and also going on holiday soon.
    I hope all your courses go well.

    Much love
    Julie xx

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    • Hello darling, Thank you!
      Funny.. I was half-thinking to do an earlier version of Embed Love, – so during the day…. There are a couple of folk in Australia interested in it and the UK evening times doesn’t work for them… 😉 And of course, there is always the recordings… But the live stuff does get so juicy too…
      I hope your holidays are good hun. Will try give you a call or a DM in the next couple of days… Keep thinking of it, and then focus gets pulled aside… Big hugs to you hun. xxx


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