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  • Marvellous Monday Meditation: Seeing Beauty and Breathing into Being Present

    20mins Meditation, Focussed around Breathing into being within the body, Seeing and appreciating beauty – within and around. Setting Intention, Being Present. Appreciation and Gratitude. InJoy, With Gratitude for your Presence on Planet Earth. There is a brief clip (and perhaps the beginning of a playlist) focussed around Seeing Beauty on YouTube if you fancy […]

  • Aligning with Joy & Bliss

    Energy&Intention setting is a vibrational tool. The Body is our space for feeling… Acting as a magnet to attract “more” – whatever the focus is. The question of “which timeline” may not make sense to you in this moment -but what is it that you are aligning your focus to? This meditation focusses on aligning to Joy & Bliss.

  • Resting in the Cradle of your BE-ing & Expanding Love – A Meditation

    From a Marvellous Monday Meditation 2022-06-27 Working from the hips and pelvis, allowing the spine to stretch, unwind and soften… Being drawn upward from the Crown, and opening into the Heart- and beyond… Expanding into the energy of Love, from this place of balance between cosmos and grounding…  30 mins. InJoy, With Gratitude.  Morag

  • Gratitude practice today…

    “Usually” this is a practice I keep on Facebook, or in my journal – simply a daily witnessing of the abundance & joy I find around me…. Talking with a colleague today, I’m feeling inspired to more visibility of this practice. More accountability. More sharing…. Gratitude shared has a power and a depth to it […]

  • A New Job & weaving missing pieces of myself together again…

    Hola! I’ve been so quiet here. So still. In amongst being busy too… But back in November I wrote about how I was struggling… That I was exhausted and something was “lacking”. I think I’ve found it. Some of it was doubt – “How can I, little hippy that I am, do the work that […]

  • Scars & Legacy

    Tears dripping again – yes, today is one of “THOSE” days! When my heart has been stretched so wide, and I am so in awe that I just have no other sane response other than to feel this upwelling of gratitude, awe, joy and simply just that heart energy welling through me… A couple of […]

  • Word of the Day

    What is YOUR Word of the Day? And How do you choose it? Or does it choose you? Why?

  • The Great Turning…

    My heart goes out… I was reading a post earlier this week – of a friend championing for social activism – and in the words, I could hear, see and feel echoes of myself…. The times when I felt no one was listening – that I was casting my heart out into the void, yearning […]

  • IN Gratitude…

    y heart has been breaking this last few days. Not necessarily in a bad way, – just breaking open again. More compassion. More love. More “more”. And the most precious things I have to share are the stories…

  • Meeting Need with Gratitude and Kindness within.

    Resting in gratitude, kindness, appreciation, beauty awareness and joy – a filled cup – first as a practise and as a lifestyle continually, makes it easier & more sustainable to keep meeting the needs and demands from the world around me…