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Aligning with Joy & Bliss

Energy&Intention setting is a vibrational tool. The Body is our space for feeling… Acting as a magnet to attract “more” – whatever the focus is. The question of “which timeline” may not make sense to you in this moment -but what is it that you are aligning your focus to? This meditation focusses on aligning to Joy & Bliss.

Resting in the Cradle of your BE-ing & Expanding Love – A Meditation

From a Marvellous Monday Meditation 2022-06-27 Working from the hips and pelvis, allowing the spine to stretch, unwind and soften… Being drawn upward from the Crown, and opening into the Heart- and beyond… Expanding into the energy of Love, from this place of balance… Continue Reading “Resting in the Cradle of your BE-ing & Expanding Love – A Meditation”

Limitless Being – A Meditation

Grounding – A Meditation

Ripples – a Meditation

From a Tuesday Morning Live Meditation – which was delayed until Wednesday 26-01-2022 Feeling into the memory and energy of Love.  Connecting with Unconditional Love.  And inviting this Vibration to resonate throughout the cellular structure, and beyond…  24mins With Love,  Morag

A Drop of Water…

Sharing a Meditation with you, From the Bespoke Course, “Embed Love” 2021-09-02 The group I worked with this particular night asked me to share this more widely… With Love, Morag

Breathing Light

A Heart Focussed Meditation

From a Tuesday Morning Live Meditation 31-08-2021 Coming into the Heart, Being with the Heart…  Witnessing and observing the energy of this space…  And giving space to the Heart’s wisdom…  Being open to the flow of this energy… With Love,  Morag

And into the Ho’oponopono Prayer…

A meditation taking us into Letting Go & surrendering into something beyond ourselves… and into the Ho’oponopono prayer of forgiveness and healing…

In this moment, Opening to Light

A meditation for nourishing and nurturing the self, and expanding love and light out into the world…