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What’s Next?

Loving my work. Loving the transformations I see!

I went down to the forest today… And I found magic…

It’s been a tough ol’ couple of weeks. Finishing up a project that was bigger than I expected, fine-tuning it now, and two bouts of lurgy – the joys of children returning to school and building their immunity through playing together… I needed a… Continue Reading “I went down to the forest today… And I found magic…”

A Drop of Water…

Sharing a Meditation with you, From the Bespoke Course, “Embed Love” 2021-09-02 The group I worked with this particular night asked me to share this more widely… With Love, Morag

Breathing Light

13/09 This week ahead…

How are you today? The struggle is real…. To send out updates and invitations to doing-ness! I get so busy doing that I forget… Are you the same? If you fancy coming for a play, I’d love to! So, here’s what’s happening this week… Continue Reading “13/09 This week ahead…”

Seeing Beauty, everywhere. Inspired by this, and inspiring others…

Just dived into a session with my friend Paul Williamson… Led to book in with him by a sense of an intuition. A “niggle” that there was something coming up within me, or something for me to pay more attention to – But wasn’t… Continue Reading “Seeing Beauty, everywhere. Inspired by this, and inspiring others…”

The energy of gratitude…

Sharing with you today, from the “Into Flow” Mindfulness Challenge I currently have going… Creating content for this daily whilst my beta group tests it out… Written work, audios, practical exercises… Which, is it’s own challenge, and has it’s own joy for me… Building… Continue Reading “The energy of gratitude…”

A Heart Focussed Meditation

From a Tuesday Morning Live Meditation 31-08-2021 Coming into the Heart, Being with the Heart…  Witnessing and observing the energy of this space…  And giving space to the Heart’s wisdom…  Being open to the flow of this energy… With Love,  Morag

In this moment, Opening to Light

A meditation for nourishing and nurturing the self, and expanding love and light out into the world…

Grounding light

Opening to Deepening Connection