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Being in the Moment

Being in this Moment. And remembering that it is from this moment, that we create the next, and the next and the next… A Meditation for Being in the Moment, just over 21mins long.

Blessing of the Bones

A meditation for taking us into awareness of the bones of our body, and our belief system… and softening.

Being Present

Being Present
A short and sweet little meditation which packs a presence and a power…


Today I waved my child off on the bus and though “Shew, I’m done. I’m just done today…. ” And then I caught myself. I caught myself starting to slide into negative thoughts, and thoughts of exhaustion, inability to cope… Just… being done, in… Continue Reading “Gratitudes…”

7 Generations

We are living in a time of such change. And such opportunity too. Opportunity for what we are co-creating, not just for our lifetimes, but into the next 7 generations… And, it is this image of the 7 generations where I get fired up,… Continue Reading “7 Generations”

Stand Firm Beauty

That heart-breaking pain of facing “something” – and stretching those muscles inside you – fear, forgiveness, compassion, surrender – letting go, growing and still coming back into the core of yourself… Knowing that there is an energy, a force… And that it will all… Continue Reading “Stand Firm Beauty”