And into the Ho’oponopono Prayer…

A meditation created for a Tuesday morning Live session. 17-08-2021, 23mins long. 

Breathing into the body – And the awareness we hold of the reflections all around us. 

Relationships, circumstances, events, experiences & how they reflect some part of what it is we are learning…. 

Letting go & surrendering into something which lies beyond ourselves.  

Beyond Understanding… 

And from this, coming into the Ho’oponopono Prayer…

The Ho’oponopono Prayer is an ancient Hawaiian Prayer of Forgiveness.  It functions both as a concept for reconciliation, and as a tool for restoring self-love and balance.  In practise, it is a bit like a mantra for self-love. 

If you would like more information on it, there is a beautiful article here

The words I used in the meditation are slightly different to the traditional prayer.  They were the words that arrived on the tip of my tongue during the meditation… 

“I am sorry.  Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” – the traditional words used. 

“I am sorry.  Please forgive me. I forgive you. Thank you. I love you.” – the words I used. 

I hope you enjoy… 

Thank you. 


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