embed love

A Course focussed around:

How to Embed Love and What that means in terms of practical, day to day living and engaging with the world….

We live in a global village. And what happens to one of us, affects us all.  My work is to create opportunities of Transformation and deep deep healing for each of us, and which then supports global transformation.

We have the ability as compassionate, caring, loving humans to affect the world around us. We have the ability to transform and transmute shadows, fear, negativity, anger – into positive outcomes.  And when we do that for ourselves on ANY trigger we experience – we reduce the weight of this energy on the world… Lifting energy, Lightening the energy. Supporting transformation. We may not know what this looks like or “should” look like. But when we surrender, and embed love – unconditionally, we create opportunites for this Love to be made manifest…

We have an ability to do this – to respond. A responsibility…

Actually, doing it is kinda fun too, and clears ourselves of our own restrictions and “stuff”.  

In this course this is what we will be doing:

  • Embedding love through daily practises
  • Looking at the how, where and when of embedding love – the practicalities
  • Taking a look at what holds us back from doing this – and clearing it.
  • Integrating opportunities of transformational healing into our day to day
  • Answering this at a personal level and integrating awareness of this at a global level
  • Nourishing ourselves as we do this deep Soul Focussed Transformational Healing work
  • Have fun whilst engaging in deep transformation

I’m sure there will be more that we do together too, but that is the start of the intention process. More information to come, sign up now.

Page content still being built! 😉 ❤

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