A range of courses to support you…

Part intuitively channelled, partly from my own experiences – a range of courses to deepen your own connection.

Practical, fun and an exploration. If it is not fun, why do it?

Some courses are offered live, some are pre-recorded and offered for you to work with in your own time. Facebook support groups with each course.

Take a look, see what grabs your attention and feels right, for you.

I look forward to sharing the adventures with you!

  • Future Visions – Connecting with the the Vision and sense of the World in the future, and how this can empower and shape our work, being-ness and sense of place NOW. Meditations, chat, and more… Live or recorded Zoom calls.
  • Crystal Connections – Working with and going beyond the physical crystals. I first taught this course in South Africa during 2000/2001 and have been waiting for the right time to offer it again… Meditations, chat, and much more….
  • Soul Awareness – What does it truly mean to be deeply connected to our own awareness of our Soul and it’s call in our day to day lives, whilst honouring others? This is a deep dive into that, with each course being a unique journey… Nourishing, deeply healing and an affirmation of Life.
  • Intuition Development Circles – Weekly Intuition Development Circle. Ongoing workshop, please contact for details. Places are limited.
  • Intuitive Flower Essences – Flowers and plants surround us almost constantly. Working with these consciously, we have the oppertunity to further bring balance to, support and deeply nourish our emotional well-being. This course is a dive deep into exploring this, with the plants that already surround you.
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