From my Heart and Soul, to Yours

Bespoke Live Courses & Meditations, supporting & honouring your growth, within each moment.

“Share with us what you know” – this is a common refrain I have heard throughout the years… The truth is, I often feel that I don’t know what I know – until I’m asked to share it. This is how my Crystal Course came into being, the Intuitive Circles I hosted, the Connecting with Nature & Flower Essences courses – and so much more over the years… On this page is a selection of some of the courses I have run, or am running, or perhaps have pre-recorded. Take a look, dive in… and feel free to ask if there is something more you would like. Chances are, it might be something in the pipeline – or I might be able to suggest colleagues…

Intuitive Development Circle

” I believe in intuitions and inspirations… I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am.”

~ Albert Einstein

I host Intuition Development Circles – And I would love to share this space with you.

This means, time spent together, “Sitting Circle”. Opening to receive and share intuitions with each other, coming into meditation and an intentional space where the focus is on developing and strengthening intuition, and the practical aspects of grounding this into our day to day lives.
Next course starts on the 27th January 2022.

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Deepen Your Intuition

Next course Dates to be Confirmed.

Runs regularly.

6 Weekly sessions of techniques, support, connecting in, practising and sharing within a group. Private FB group for participants – All Intuition courses combined. After the course there is the opportunity to join in practise sessions twice a month to support your continued practise & connection.

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Embed Love

Starting 26th August 2021

A Bespoke Course of 7 Weeks of Sacred Practise, Meditations and Deep Healing

Weekly Zoom sessions on a Thursday, 8pm UK time recorded and shared to your inbox, course notes where appropriate, and a private Community group for sharing and support are all part of the deliciousness here…  

When we love, we have the power and ability to transform the world around us. This courses centres around our ability to love, to embed this into our daily lives as part of a sacred practise, and into the world around us.

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Connecting with Trees

Next course starting 20th August 2021

Strengthening your connection with the Earth beneath your feet, the Skies above you, and the World around you…

Bespoke Course, each “round” of 6 sessions focuses on different Trees.

6 Sessions over 3 Months. Bespoke Meditations, Connecting in, Journeying with each Tree – Learning from the Tree and sharing within a supportive environment. In the practical, everyday – Experience how your connection with Trees around you strengthens and your knowledge increases.

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Into Connection, Into Flow

Content opens 20th August 2021.

Meditation, Reflection Processes, Intention Setting, Affirmations and Gratitude, Practical Exercises & Journaling

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Offered with love to support your Journey. Donations welcomed.

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Future Visions

Connecting with the the Vision and sense of the World in the future, and how this can empower and shape our work, being-ness and sense of place NOW. Meditations, chat, and more… Live or recorded Zoom calls. See more….

Soul Awareness

Soul Awareness – What does it truly mean to be deeply connected to our own awareness of our Soul and it’s call in our day to day lives, whilst honouring others? This is a deep dive into that, with each course being a unique journey… Nourishing, deeply healing and an affirmation of Life. See more…

Getting Connected

Coming soon…

Crystal Connections

Working with and going beyond the physical crystals. I first taught this course in South Africa during 2000/2001 and have been waiting for the right time to offer it again… Meditations, chat, and much more….

Intuitive Flower Essences

Intuitive Flower Essences – Flowers and plants surround us almost constantly. Working with these consciously, we have the oppertunity to further bring balance to, support and deeply nourish our emotional well-being. This course is a dive deep into exploring this, with the plants that already surround you. See more…

About the work:

All courses or meditations offered Live by me are Bespoke – working with the Energy of the Group in front of me, the Intuitions of that moment, and the Guidance received from Soul in that moment. From my Heart and Soul to Yours.  These live courses “Ground” my work & the energy into the everyday and from here, the meditations are shared within the course structure – creating a template for further work. No two courses are ever the same, as the work changes to reflect the individuals present in each moment.

From the Live Courses, I may then work to create pre-recorded courses.

My intention is always to offer a range of courses & services to deepen your own connection – Heart, Soul, & Earth. To support your deepest healing, and your deepest connection… Most courses come from that request to share what I know…

Facebook support groups run alongside each course for group chats if you want to make use of these spaces, connecting, supporting each other and building community and friendships.

Pricing on all courses is Accessible pricing for a Heart and Soul Centred Practise.  Choose the pricing structure which resonates with you, offer more if you feel guided, or if your situation means that financially signing up to a course with me would be create financial hardship for you – let’s find a creative way to work around that. 

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