Embed Love – a Course

A Bespoke Course of 7 Weeks of Sacred Practise, Meditations and Deep Healing
Starting 26th August 2021

Love is the greatest power we have – the more we embrace it, share it, offer it and give it, the more space we create for this force in our day to day lives. The more love we have to offer, the greater is the potential for transformation – for ourselves, and all around us.  

This Course focusses around this – the power of Love, for ourselves and as a transformational force on this planet… And the practise of Embedding Love within our day to day lives as a tool of transformation…. 

When we love, we have the power and ability to transform the world around us. This courses centres around our ability to love, to embed this into our daily lives as part of a sacred practise, and into the world around us….

Weekly Zoom sessions on a Thursday, 8pm UK time recorded and shared to your inbox, course notes where appropriate, and a private Community group for sharing and support are all part of the deliciousness here…  

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