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Gratitude practice today…

“Usually” this is a practice I keep on Facebook, or in my journal – simply a daily witnessing of the abundance & joy I find around me…. Talking with a colleague today, I’m feeling inspired to more visibility of this practice. More accountability. More… Continue Reading “Gratitude practice today…”

About Softening And A Meditation

A few weeks ago I was watching – and engaging with – a conversation about Scars, the Legacy they leave us with – and whether we push through these – or soften… Layers of Scars, emotional, mental, physical, soul based – and the healing… Continue Reading “About Softening And A Meditation”

Scars & Legacy

Tears dripping again – yes, today is one of “THOSE” days! When my heart has been stretched so wide, and I am so in awe that I just have no other sane response other than to feel this upwelling of gratitude, awe, joy and… Continue Reading “Scars & Legacy”

Limitless Being – A Meditation

Grief and Gratitude Part 2

Gratitude shared is powerful, transformative… Grief melting and hope inspiring… I am grateful. For the practise and experience of feeling into this as a daily practise. Even more so within a shared space…

Grounding – A Meditation

The Great Turning…

My heart goes out… I was reading a post earlier this week – of a friend championing for social activism – and in the words, I could hear, see and feel echoes of myself…. The times when I felt no one was listening –… Continue Reading “The Great Turning…”

IN Gratitude…

y heart has been breaking this last few days. Not necessarily in a bad way, – just breaking open again. More compassion. More love. More “more”.
And the most precious things I have to share are the stories…

Meeting Need with Gratitude and Kindness within.

Resting in gratitude, kindness, appreciation, beauty awareness and joy – a filled cup – first as a practise and as a lifestyle continually, makes it easier & more sustainable to keep meeting the needs and demands from the world around me…

What’s Next?

Loving my work. Loving the transformations I see!