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Your intuition is one of the most powerful tools you own. It slumbers within you, waiting to present you with insights… Steering you towards the opportunities which present you with the space perfect for you to SHINE, explore your dreams – and so much more! And yet, so many of us are never taught how to develop this intuition… How to listen, tune in and … just… listen. When we do this, practising & sharing within a group, our intuition can begin to strengthen, calling us forward into our own amazing lives… I LOVE this work, and sharing it with you – and for me, it is such a core, fundamental part of my own journey. Just listening to my own intuitions, and following them… Paying attention, and surrendering into each moment. Deepening into Joy, and my life… And the more which flows from paying attention – Heart and Soul, to the world and the energy around us…

Next course starts in October 2021.

Runs regularly. Limited availability on each course.

6 Weekly sessions of techniques, support, connecting in, practising and sharing within a group. Private FB group for participants – All Intuition courses combined within the group. After the course there is the opportunity to join in practise sessions twice a month to support your own continued practise & connection.

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Listening intuitively is actually a full body experience – and learning this, practising this – strengthens it.  And opens the way to do more, listen more, feel more and connect more…

Sensitivity increases. Confidence grows. And intuition starts to strengthen into a tool which can be used in your day to day…

I look forward to sharing the “more” with you…. 


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