About Softening And A Meditation

A few weeks ago I was watching – and engaging with – a conversation about Scars, the Legacy they leave us with – and whether we push through these – or soften… Layers of Scars, emotional, mental, physical, soul based – and the healing process of recovering from these – seen and unseen.

Sometimes, the Softening into the scar is the best way to push through it. There is less resistance, there are layers of insights accessed when we can hold those scars – physical, mental, emotional – within loving intent.

I’ve been meaning to come back and write more, finishing off a blog piece I started weeks ago – and quietly telling myself off for not doing it – when there hasn’t been time. Creating in a sense, a scar of self judgement. And beginning to build up resistance to writing it. Sure, I’ve also been focussed on writing course content and more, but that piece niggled at me. A splinter under my skin started to fester in the back of my mind with it’s unfinished-ness…

Today, someone wrote to me, commenting on a meditation I’d loaded up over a year ago called “Softening”. That it was the perfect time for them to come across it. That they are settling into a place within themselves where they are able to meet force with softening – and recognise it’s power. Where, the act of softening is no longer as scary, and in fact, the practise of Softening is deeply freeing, transformational, healing – and beginning to be less scary to them. Because, they are beginning to understand that on the other side of the fear, the snot and the pain, there is an expansion and expression of Love which they can feel for themselves. That there is a release, and a freedom which corresponds to a feeling of greater freedom and flexibility within their body…

They simply wanted to say Thank You for the meditation, and how much they were benefitting from it.

This is a new father, stepping beyond old patterns of addiction and trauma in his life, recognising the importance of softening within each moment as he makes space for his children – and their emotions. Making choices as to the life he chooses to create for them, with their mother. The wonderful, beautiful, heart-centred loving space which is powerful and soft… A few years ago, he was considering suicide, thinking it was the only way forward… Today, he is immensely grateful for small moments- sunrises and surf and giggling children with a drooling dog…

The message had me in tears this morning. Snotty, grateful, beautiful tears.

Thank you for that, by the way my friend… You know who you are, I’m sure.

And I was reminded to Soften MYSELF. That I don’t need to do everything, right now. That I can soften into each moment, trusting and knowing that I am held, safe, loved… Knowing that there is a right timing to everything, and it doesn’t all need to be done right now. That the post I started over 3 weeks ago will still find a landing place and that it will be read when it is right. That all I “need” to do is soften within myself.

Listen to my daily intuitions. Write from my heart. And do what comes next…. In each and every moment. Feeling into the fascia of the world around me, holding, softening and stretching.

In case you are interested, here is the link to the Softening meditation I recorded last year. Life has moved on since then, and the Meditation group has moved back to a Monday. Slowly, slowly the admin is getting done… and a new site migrated to. Always the work carries on. That road, calling me ever forward into adventure…

Marvellous Monday Meditations, with their focus on Soul, and the world – setting me up to meet the week ahead with grace and gentleness.

And this week, Softening MORE…. Once Again.


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