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Be in Joy

From Peggy Black’s Morning Messages Invitations, this card made me smile… And think of my friend Vicki O’Grady-Longo – who is a #ChiefJoyOfficer – a ##JoyKindler… If you ever are in need of having your Joy Sparked, I’d prescribe you 10minutes in her presence…… Continue Reading “Be in Joy”

Power of NOW

Sitting this morning, planning ahead, I pulled a card from my Morning Messages Invitations by Peggy Black (link to her site here). It so made me giggle, because, in the planning, my brain had leaped ahead about 30 years and started wondering “How the… Continue Reading “Power of NOW”

Being in Survival Mode, Gratitude & Kindness – Secret Super Powers

“Being in Survival Mode” – I have found that the thing about it is, so often, I might recognise when I am entering into it, and think to myself “Ah, I must remember I’ve entered survival mode to cope with this (whatever “this” is)… Continue Reading “Being in Survival Mode, Gratitude & Kindness – Secret Super Powers”

Doing what we can, where and when we can…

A friend took me out for the most delicious coffee and cake yesterday. Somewhere new in that I’ve not been there before. Delicious gluten free brownie with raspberries on the top…. Streaming sunshine and outside tables… Talking about the state of the world, who… Continue Reading “Doing what we can, where and when we can…”

Kindness Matters…

I was thinking a few moments ago that I wanted to do a post about car sharing. Why don’t we do it more often? The benefits of it…. Environmental impact. Community connectivity. Traffic jams. Conversations. My brain was going around the houses with it…… Continue Reading “Kindness Matters…”

Grief and Gratitude 1

Feeling it to heal it. Shaking frozen emotions of grief and heartache loose with Laughter Yoga…

From Whale Sharks to Kindness Diary 2022 #BeTheRipple

Do what makes you shine…. Love this phase that someone just shared in a video!

Courses coming Up, Design Bag & In the Pipeline

January, 20th, 2022 What is YOUR Super Power? Hello there Beautiful BEings! How are you?  How is your Year starting out so far?   I used to think mine was Intuition, then it was Joy – This week I’ve been realising more and more that… Continue Reading “Courses coming Up, Design Bag & In the Pipeline”

Tuesday Meditation – Connect with the Body, Light & Earth. And Know that You are Enough…

From a Tuesday Morning Live Meditation 18-01-2022 Connecting with the Body, with Light, with the Earth beneath you, and the world around you….  And Know that You are Enough. 20mins of a gentle, nourishing reminder that, in each moment, being YOU is enough. And… Continue Reading “Tuesday Meditation – Connect with the Body, Light & Earth. And Know that You are Enough…”

Word of the Day

What is YOUR Word of the Day? And How do you choose it? Or does it choose you?