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Hello Beauties!

How are you all? I’ve got some courses coming up! You’ll have seen some of them loading as individual posts today – whoop whooop – Or come take a look on my course page ! 😉 ❤ I’d love to share time and space with you!  Well, I… Continue Reading “Hello Beauties!”

Coming up & Catching UP

What’s Next…. 😉 Hello Beauties!  How are you all today?  Shew, what a year this week has been!  Guys & Gals, I’m behind on my admin, I came back from camping with Freddy needing to do Sales pages, update calendars, finish course content –… Continue Reading “Coming up & Catching UP”

Embed Love

4 days ago I sat down in my morning Meditation and asked Spirit and my Soul “What am I here to do? Who am I? What is my purpose?” I think the question actually went along the lines of, “Ok, just for today, what?… Continue Reading “Embed Love”

Solstice, Embodying Love

Embodying Love. A Solstice Meditation of connection, intention setting & centering.


A Meditation which nourishes – honouring the body, and this world around us. My dog joined her voice with mine for part of this meditation, sending her love too and reminding of the day to day practicalities…. Just on 23 mins long. I hope you enjoy. Thank you.

Blessing of the Bones

A meditation for taking us into awareness of the bones of our body, and our belief system… and softening.

A Breathing Meditation

A meditation for Bringing Awareness to and through Breath…
And Connecting with self, body, emotions, love and presence…
This one can also be great to use as a walking meditation…
Just over 28mins.

You’ve got this…

From my Heart to Yours! Hello Beauty Bugs!How are you Today? I just wanted to drop past and say to you – “You’ve got this” – whatever it is that is going on in your day to day… The little step by step changes… Continue Reading “You’ve got this…”

Releasing what no longer serves…

A meditation for Breathing in, Breathing out, Releasing what no longer serves….  And connecting with self, love, and presence,,, Just over 28mins, this is a meditation with a healing aspect…  Recorded during a Tuesday Morning Live Meditation, 13/04/2021. All meditations from Morag are intuitively… Continue Reading “Releasing what no longer serves…”

Measuring Success…

Hello Beauty Bugs! How are you Today? The Juicy Stuff I’ve created in the last 5 days… ~ It’s been percolating for a while now, and now that it’s here, it is leaving me feeling inspired and SO excited! Take a look – I… Continue Reading “Measuring Success…”