Meeting Need with Gratitude and Kindness within.

Random thought that popped up as I was getting that first cup of tea ready this morning….

There are so many opportunities and modalities of creating more beauty in the world, or creating the opportunity to make it easier for others to see it…. And first, and always, I need to rest in allowing myself to be nourished by it – it’s harder to create positive uplifting changes when my own heart and self is empty or strained…

Others may approach me with their need – and I can see how I might meet it, or fill it, but I always need to check that I’m full, or fulling myself first, or I risk depleting myself and moving into resenting having to meet that need… And that is not a fun, happy, healthy space to be meeting another to my heart, or mind…

This is a different, finer line to walk with children because sometimes, meeting their need gives me the parent, time and space to meet my own need more effectively.

But there is always a choice as to how to respond.

Resting in gratitude, kindness, appreciation, beauty awareness and joy – a filled cup – first as a practise and as a lifestyle continually, makes it easier & more sustainable to keep meeting the needs and demands from the world around me…

I know so many of us know this, and actively practise it… but it bubbled in me, so trusting that it speaks to someone, somewhere today…


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