What’s Next?

Shew. Finished holding space for a course last night – “Embed Love”. And the group are already asking for more… !

Loving my work. Loving the transformations I see!

Loving Embedding Love.

So grateful for it all…

Mmmmm What to do next?

Next week is a round of the Intuition Development Circle starting up again, I’m thinking of another “Deepening into your own healing and presence” for early next year, and another Embed Love to follow on from that… Collaboration coming up with Mitchell Osbourne and Joe Martin, YouTube channel and more…

Healing Circle on Monday 11th at 8pm, via Zoom, all welcome! And 9am, Live Tuesday Meditation, via Zoom, all welcome.

What do you think? 😉 What would you like to see, learn, grow from and through with me? What’s your focus? Maybe, I’ll end up writing course content – just for you – as happens with me and my work…

Loving the work.

www.moragleiper.com or www.gaiadance.com to take a look…


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