Seeing Beauty – A 7 Day Dive!

I did it! I met my personal monster, faced it down and grew bigger than the fear!

For the last year – and longer – I’ve been playing with this idea of creating a challenge… I got inspired by Kevin Monroe, Vicki O’Grady-Longo, Jenny Haase, Scott Leiper, and many others, and it just tickled and niggled and wiggled. This idea which just wouldn’t let go of me!

I signed up to the app challenge creator, I paid my fees, I met with the support engineers, I listened to the videos…. And it sat there. Waiting. This HUGE intimidating personal challenge which I just didn’t feel comfortable enough to take forward. I made excuses. I procrastinated. I cried about it!!! A LOT! I got exhausted. I took on a new job and put “stuff” on hold. I went away to Africa for a holiday and came back. I struggled to pay the subscription which would allow me to keep creating it… I decided to redesign my website and only got half way through because – LIFE. I stopped to watch the Northern Lights dancing… I did it all backwards…. But I kept doing it. This “THING-IDEA” around seeing Beauty…

I played with it, dipping in and out. Making the pretty pictures. I dreamed about it. I pushed it to the back of my brain and pretended to ignore it as it sat there, dripping from it’s fangs with it’s eyes glowing in the dark at me… This monster idea focussed around Seeing Beauty – and why it was important, and the question of why me, why now, why at all….

In short, it has been a constant hum in the back of my brain of something I “should” finish. But, I’ve been busy. 😉 Making excuses, doing other things. It’s lurked in the corner, waiting for me to feel ready, to be willing to dive into it, to play with it, to explore it, to share it…

Well. Tonight – just in the last 10minutes, it’s done, it’s gone live now and it’s out there in the world, waiting for me to take the next step and host it!

And, I am EXCITED, nervous, curious – but also SO deliciously excited!

Start date is the 17th April. Registration is open. It is a 7 Day Dive – a week of exploring Seeing Beauty in the World around us – and I am curious to see where it goes, who comes to play and how it all works! It is something which has been speaking to me, to my heart, and from my Soul for so many years now, linked with the practise of Gratitude, and I have felt blind, stumbling along, wondering how I could “do this”. Share this.

This… Quest to Share the Beauty I see in the World around me.

The why, the how, the science, the impact… The Wonder and the Awe of it all….

If you’re curious, if you’d like to join me for the adventure of this and to see where it goes… Jump in! Coupon codes are available and I’m happy to share them with you – drop me a line below, or send me a message. This is a trial run and I’d love to have you come play!


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