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What’s Next…. 😉

Hello Beauties! 

How are you all today? 

Shew, what a year this week has been! 

Guys & Gals, I’m behind on my admin, I came back from camping with Freddy needing to do Sales pages, update calendars, finish course content – all the behind the stuff scenes – and then I got poorly… Laid low for a week and just as I was getting back on my feet, connecting in with Spirit and Soul – I got a message – “Embed Love. Share your Stories.” Which made me stop, breathe, think, consider what comes next… That evening, I started hearing about what was going on in South Africa – and not being reported internationally…. And I started embedding love, calling in for healing energies, sharing stories and doing what I could to support my family, friends and the people there… (I wrote a blog yesterday linked with this too, read it here if you haven’t seen it already) And that kinda took over the last 4 days or so…. 

And here’s the thing… Something which is hitting home for me this last week…  We live in a global village. And what happens to one of us, affects us all.  And I want for my work to reflect Transformation and deep deep healing. We have the ability as compassionate, caring, loving humans to affect the world around us. We have the ability to transform and transmute shadows, fear, negativity, anger – into positive outcomes.  And when we do that for ourselves on ANY trigger we experience – we reduce the weight of this on the world… We have an ability to do this – to respond. A responsibility… Actually, doing it is kinda fun too, and clears ourselves of our own restrictions and “stuff”.  

And I want to create or offer something that reflects that. A way of “How to Embed Love and What that means in terms of practical, day to day living and engaging with the world….” Powerful, deeply transformational, kick ass and very very “Moragism’d” 😉  So, New Course in the making… and the need to reshuffle the ones I was planning, and change some of how I was planning to run the ones I had planned… 

Our world is well into this process of transformation – and with what I have seen and experienced this last week in South Africa is the power of having people “on the ground” anchoring in bridges of light and unconditional love – and how this transmutes and transforms EVERYTHING. The ability to stand and face “stuff” within themselves, clearing and healing it – and moving forward…. And, with what I sense as we move deeper into this process of transformation and creating a New Earth – This skill is important… 


Courses planned at this point are: 

23rd July 2021 Connecting with Trees. (This was pushed back from its original start date of 9th July, and in this course I am going to start including a lot more shamanic style work, breathwork, journeying into trees. I’ll need to adjust the sales page a bit to reflect that… ) 3 months, bi-weekly, Friday evenings.

5th August 2021 Embed Love – Full blurb and Sales page to come, but the link will give you a sense of it. 7 weeks, Thursday evenings

8th August 2021 Medicine Wheel Journeys – this will be a 3 hour course on a Sunday afternoon / evening. If this date and time doesn’t work for you – tell me and I will be running a second one at a different time. Talk to me about what works for you. 

17th August 2021 – Into Flow – 33 day challenge and daily practise of coming into deeper flow, deeper connection with ourself. This will be a combination of pre-loaded content, and live check ins – 20- 45mins a day

30th August – Chakra Course with Carola Sleith and myself. Mixture of pre-loaded and live work, weekly for 8 weeks. 

30th September – Deepen your Intuition – Intuition Development Circle – Weekly, Thursday evenings for 6 weeks. ( I know, the sales page dates are wrong, I’ll update those shortly)

It sounds like a lot, and it is, however – it’s also fun, and if it’s not fun – why do it?  😉 ❤

The next Intuition Circle PRACTISE evening is Tuesday 27th July, 8pm. – This is not a course, this is a practise evening for those who have done the course, and want to come together to practise. 

Carola and I are busy working out how to do movie nights – a chance for us all to come together, watch a movie, have a chatter – and basically – engage with each other and support each other… Because, when we come together, we are always stronger…. 

Please, I have to ask you too – network for me?  Tell your friends, If you think there is someone who might be interested in the work I do, or benefit from it, tell them. This year has been a learning curve in figuring out the tech of doing online work, building courses and just figuring out what works. I know I’m not perfect at this. Updating sales pages and calenders and all that stuff can be a bit of a mare – and gradually I’m finding ways to streamline it and make it easier and smoother – for you and for me! 

Keep in mind I am also doing one to one Soul Support readings, and longer term mentoring packages… 

And Beauties – You know me. The whole money thing – always happy to do affordable pricing options, even if I put a price on something because its expected. At the end of the day, – the work calls me to do it, and I have to remember to keep grounded and still pay those bills… 😉 ❤

The sun is shining, breakfast needs cooking, I’m away to play with kiddo and plan the blog I want to write tonight… something about avocados, looting and global villages I think… 😉 

All my love to you – oceans of it! So grateful for your presence on the planet during this time… Love, light and laughter, Morag

Want to sign up for any of these? Or know more? Get in touch here.


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