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4 days ago I sat down in my morning Meditation and asked Spirit and my Soul “What am I here to do? Who am I? What is my purpose?” I think the question actually went along the lines of, “Ok, just for today, what? Who?” I’d been ill for nearly a week, exhausted, reluctant – experiencing a sense of disconnect and reluctance to keep going… I could recognise it, but I found myself unable to move beyond it during that week until I sat down for the first meditation in a good few weeks….

The Answer that came back was this: “Embed Love. Share your Stories”.

And, this rush of energy just moving through me, the sense of this energy grounding deep into the earth and the potential to be able to do so much with it. The sense of it as a crowbar of light, and the stories creating opportunity for more…. More Light, more love. And with it, a series of recognitions of where I’ve been playing small, hiding, resisting… The whole process was gentle, subtle and powerful. A bit like a solar flare of light rushing through me with a soft caress….

Embed Love. Share my Stories….

Ok, I thought, I’ve not really been doing that. Not really. Not as much as I am able. I took a look around the house – it was a mess and definitely needed some tender loving care… I was ill – or in resistance – the week leading up to this so I didn’t beat myself up too much. And I certainly hadn’t been blogging, writing or recording much. For months actually. Not as much as I had planned to. Life gets in the way you know? And Mothering. And excuses…

And that simple message just hit home…

So I started. I smudged. I cleaned. I cuddled my child. I wrote part of the first chapter in a book I’ve started and stopped so often in the last few years… and I kept seeing these roots going deep into the ground beneath my feet, energy rippling out, and feeling the strength of my heart… And I remembered many of the times when my absolute faith that I was held and protected within light, connected with a sense of more, manifested with a reality of experience… Walking into dangerous areas or situations – and making friends. Coming out of the situation where others would never have gone in. Listening to my intuition, listening to my heart. Forgiving where I thought I’d never be able to…. Putting my fingers in the soil and embedding love, sending it out into the world…

I started getting a sense of a blog post to write (not this one, but one still to come). And a sense of how important it is to embed love, what that means, how to do it… and I thought to myself “hmmmm, maybe that’s a course I should write or offer….I wonder…” – You know those thoughts that pop into your mind in the midst of washing dishes?

That evening, I started seeing reports coming out of South Africa about the violence there. The riots. I don’t have a TV, don’t follow the news, so I often miss out on things. This wasn’t being reported anywhere though – I checked. I wondered whether I should post something about it but felt I didn’t want to add to the drama…

The next day it escalated. Looting, burning, rioting. Destruction….

And I questioned myself again. Do I post about this, do I write things on Facebook… – If I do, am I adding to the collective fear and negativity and drama of this? What are my reasons…. I sat down and felt into it, into myself. I remember asking myself, in this moment, what is the action to take… Again, that whisper came back – “Embed Love, Share the stories.” This time, there was an added whisper, be discerning….

The first thing I did was send roots deep down and into the ground beneath me. And just… opened myself to calling in for “that”. That sense of the Divine. That sense of Love. That sense of Connection. And I asked that it be directed to, and surround all beings involved in this situation in South Africa…. And then I wrote, asking friends to put the situation in South Africa into their hearts, into their prayers… To send healing, positive vibes, Reiki – whatever – to the situation there…. To send love. Asking for a resolution, asking for clarity, asking for a way through this…. And then I started posting on my own wall stories, pictures, images of some of what was going on over there. Sometimes I shared how I was feeling with it all. I admitted I didn’t really understand why, or what was going on or why it had started – Friends in South Africa wrote to me, explaining the current situation and how it had started. The why of this present situation. Privately they wrote to me with some of their fears, some of their concerns. I fact checked as much as I could, and tried to keep things to the most recent that I could find. I listened. I contacted family and friends on the ground – and I shared what I could of what was going on that they had recorded or were experiencing.

And all the time, I kept checking that connection with my roots, with that sense of connection…. Checking myself as to whether I was engaging in drama, or sharing what needed to be shared in each moment… Sometimes, I may have got it wrong…

I wrote to my brother, telling him I was calling in a couple of BIG Feckin’ Angels to support him and the community…

If I wrote and told him I was holding him in a 5th dimensional reality of love and trust that everything would be ok, he would have called me a fluffy fecker – and not listened… That’s how I think about it in many ways, but it’s not the language he speaks…

On his second night of patrolling homes to keep them safe, with gunshots being fired not far from where he stood, he watched two shooting stars flare overhead for nearly 8 seconds… He turned to his friend and said “I bet you that that is those BIG Feckin’ angels my sister said she was sending….” And they laughed, and carried on – and the community was quiet and safe that night again…

Friends in the UK started contacting me, asking what was going on over there as there was nothing on the news internationally at that point. Was it “just” because of frustration with the poverty divide and people raising up in frustration… Trying to explain to them some of the complexities of Africa, people protesting at the arrest of a corrupt man – the ex-president, that looting and rioting was their way of asking that he be released…

I spoke with friends who talked about how they don’t watch the news as it lowers their vibration and they want to keep themselves pure and focussed on only positive energy… I questioned them, sharing stories of one of my teachers Patricia Angove, and how she talked about how, as someone who believes herself to be spiritual, she feels that transformational healing can take the triggers from the news, the sad stories, the conflict and drama – and transform them. That staying away from negative situations so as to stay positive is an avoidance… That by feeling it – the pain those stories bring up within ourselves – and going into it, healing it within the self that it creates a shift in the energy of the collective whole… I spoke about times I’ve taken the fear, taken the grief, taken the trigger and gone into myself, finding the place within myself where I might be able to be the cause of the drama – or the victim in a similar situation – and then brought in love, transforming it within myself. And the sense I’ve had of the energy loosening after this. I spoke about the practical experiences I’ve had of doing this, and the results. Things that “shouldn’t have happened or been possible” from other’s perspectives – that fell into place, or were resolved, or just plain shifted.

And everyday over these last few days, I’ve checked within myself for that sense of connection, that sense of purpose. That sense of “Am I doing what I am meant to be doing in this moment, from the perspective of highest and best good, unconditional love and unconditional acceptance of all or any outcomes…” Asking myself, why for each post, asking myself what energy it added to the whole of…..

Some of what I saw from friends, family, and posts from South Africa was horrific. Heavy, so incredibly awful. The temptation to post those was huge. The possibility of the emotional impact – that would really get people paying attention…!!! But, how much was it being posted already, and did I, in that moment need to post it…. ? Sometimes I felt I didn’t. Sometimes I felt it would only add to the negative… Sometimes, it felt right to post it.

And when I found myself affected – in tears, fearful, crying – I came away. I came back into connection with myself, with the ground beneath me, my own heart. I washed the dishes. I cuddled my child. I threw the ball for the dog. I challenged my child to a push-up & sprint game. We did squats and I tried to strengthen my pelvic core muscles…

3, 4 days since the extreme looting began – the mass media is picking up the stories. The communities on the ground are clearing things up. People’s initial shock is wearing out. They’re queuing in the streets for blocks and blocks to get bread and milk. They’re discovering the insurance won’t pay out. Or it will. Buildings were burnt down, shopping malls gutted, supply trains destroyed, factories lost. People are hungry, scared – and joyful at coming together. At another day in the sunshine. So much has been lost…. and so much has been discovered. Communities came together and standing together to support each other. Young people – from the age of 15, stood side by side with family members through the night to protect homes and residences of others who weren’t able to do it themselves… against rioters and looters returning to target homes…

I don’t feel the need to post about it all as much at the moment. People are picking up the pieces and wondering what comes next…

And I can feel that that energy within me loosens a bit. I still feel those roots, I still feel the love and the sense of connection – but it is softer, a blanket filtering into the cracks to hold and lift ALL beings…

I believe, and I have been reminded – yet again… When we embed love, when we come into prayer- whatever form or shape that prayer takes for us – we create an opportunity to lift people beyond emotions of vibration, fear, chaos… to support them in remembering the part of their nature which is connected to the Divine, to God, to Love – whatever you want to call it… I feel it is part of my responsibility – my ability to respond – to be able to do this. I have been in situations I should not have been able to walk away from – and yet, here I am. In those situations I called in angels, I called in for support – and I felt the energy of those situations lift and change. And now, I am beginning to consciously recognise that it is part of my responsibility – ability to respond – to do this for others….

Our planet is going through a fire and a change in consciousness. This process may not be easy for many. And yes, when we hold to the light and are held within the light – there is a knowing that we are safe, that it is all ok – no matter the outcome. There are people who will be within those areas of fierce transformation – my friend Rosemary springs to mind – who will be called upon to be in the midst of the chaos and hold that sense of peace and compassion and absolute trust and faith… To be the anchors. And there will be people on the outside of those situations, looking in, who will be called upon to direct their focus – with as little drama or judgement as possible, but perhaps to educate, inspire, create awareness – or simply lift energy…. In doing this, we will create the new Earth that is still emerging…

And this is something we cannot step back from, cannot retreat from, cannot hide from. It is a process of transformation our world is experiencing at the moment. And it may not be comfortable.

We have such immense power, such immense energy and we are free to use it in whatever way we choose. We can create change… In each moment we have an ability to respond…

We can embed love.

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  1. Beautiful, thank you.
    Much love
    Julie xx

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