Blessing of the Bones

This meditation takes us into awareness of, and connection with the bones of our body.

To Start with.

And then into the bones of our belief system.

Releasing old, breathing in love. 

And softening into this moment.  

Just over 32mins, this is a meditation with a healing aspect… 

Recorded during a Tuesday Morning Live Meditation, 04/05/2021. All meditations from Morag are intuitively channelled & original. 

Blessing of the Bones, Morag

Thank you.


4 responses to “Blessing of the Bones”

  1. Dearest Morag

    I have just had an opportunity to listen to this meditation. May I say from my deepest meaning that it is awesome, beautiful.
    Deep, deep gratitude from my bones, my soul my ancestors.

    Thank you for being in this world for your beautiful gifts.

    Much love and gratitude
    Julie xx xxxxxx

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    • I am so so glad to hear it touched you so deeply my lovely beauty-friend! When it was coming through I did one of those over the shoulder huh things to that guidance – but. I love it too. It just resonates…..
      Grateful for the opportunity to really start offering and sharing those gifts – and for people like yourself who just touch my heart… And inspire me to keep doing “more”. Hugs to you darling. xx


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