Growing Communities

I love gardeners.

And gardens. Whether it’s a well maintained beautiful ornamental garden or a wild slightly feral food forest. Or just a wild garden. There’s simply something magical about those growing spaces, and the opportunity to get dirty, eat wild food, exchange ideas -& whatever seasonal vegetables or fruit is popping up. Share ideas, create growing spaces &…. Heal.

Feel into that connection with the Earth.

Doesn’t matter what the dress code is, or the income bracket, there’s a common language.

And a generosity which comes from that absolute knowledge that something is growing.

Some of what gets planted might fail & that’s just life to a Gardner. There’s a shrug, an acceptance of frost, or pests, & a surrender to what does grow -& the willingness to share & exchange what is available.

Right now, my garden really needs TLC. And it’s ok. I’ll probably get round to it in a week or so. In the meantime, there’s a sense of gratitude for the gardener’s I know or meet. A gift of rhubarb exchanged, a promise of lemongrass. They’re growing the food, I’m taking pictures & writing -& the community grows…

I might not be tickling the soil right now but my Soul is being fed as I spend time with Gardeners. Talking Rhubarb, Permaculture, Biodynamics, Bees, Apple Trees, Foraging and Food preserving techniques…

I’m falling in love, daily, with the garden and the people talking my language -& my heart smiles, my energy lifts, and healing happens as I do so…

My community keeps on growing, and I love the cross-pollination going on.

What are you growing today? 🌳😘


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