Rhubarb Magic

Such an awesome afternoon today – foraging wild garlic @ Craigievar Castle, discovering “Mother Trees” in the forest there, eating flowers – and ending up at Newton Dee with some HUGE Rhubarb that’s being shared onwards – I LOVE it!

And then!!! – The co-incidence of wishing for lemongrass to grow locally as I’m missing the smells of it – and discovering that John from Over the Wall (who I met for the first time today as we dug up Rhubarb) is growing it locally in Aberdeen – along with Wasabi?!

And, I can think of a few friends locally who would love some freshly grown, locally produced, exotic Japanese style herbs! 😘Cutting down those food miles & loving the fresh food…😍

Whoop whoop, how does it get better than this?? 🥬🍀🥳

Rhubarb Crumble anyone? 😍🎉


One response to “Rhubarb Magic”

  1. (Memories of the Bowness Rhubarb plant and the guerrilla gardening there… 😉 – and the endless phone calls and messages which kept those guerrilla rhubarb plants watered during the dry spells… So fascinating to see communities engage again and again with this plant… )


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