Staying sane as a busy mom…

  • Be in the Moment. Every moment. Whatever it is I am doing. Presence to my child: – Throwing toys out of the cot and having a tantrum. – Building a website. – Writing a book. – Massaging. – Being Massaged. Whatever it is, I aspire to BE in THAT moment.
  • Work in short bursts. Even if that is only 10mins, waiting for a child’s club to end.
  • Routine and Self-Care are Key! If I don’t look after myself first, routine goes out the window and productivity vanishes.
  • Dance every morning with my child. If we set the morning right, the rest flows….
  • Declutter. Whatever, whenever I can. Even if that means doing the damn dishes. Or meditating and clearing out my mind-chatter…
  • Incorporate chores with my child as part of the day to day. It’s a pain and slows me down now, but in 10 years time when my child is a teen it will make a difference. These are important life-skills, and a chance to chat, laugh, dance, bond, argue, discuss. It is the real stuff of life…
  • Stand and Stare. Take time out to just stop and stare. I actively LOOK for beauty. When I find it, I stop and stare and let it fill me from the soles of my feet, all the way up… Watching my child do this (even when I was in a rush) – magic. This is the nourishment for life…
  • Use “Power Times” to actively recharge. Walking at sunset and/or sunrise actively recharges my batteries.
  • Make eye contact with everyone. Talk to strangers and remember to say hello, goodbye and thank-you. Actively work to brighten everyone’s day. It lifts me up! And, you never know when you might meet an angel in disguise…
  • Look for laughter opportunities. Most often with or at myself.
  • Listen to crazy music and dance.
  • Stretch. Breathe. And Meditate. (even if its just for 2 minutes drinking that cup of tea)
  • Open the post.
  • Pay the bills on time.
  • Celebrate each and every small success. Congratulate myself for those achievements… (Today I washed the dishes and my son left the house smiling…)

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