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  • Coming to my Mat

    Coming to my mat this morning – in the face of my lists and “shoulds” and the Soul deep realisation -again- that there is ALWAYS space for more Love, Joy, Beauty….

  • Measuring Success…

    Measuring Success…

    Hello Beauty Bugs! How are you Today? The Juicy Stuff I’ve created in the last 5 days… ~ It’s been percolating for a while now, and now that it’s here, it is leaving me feeling inspired and SO excited! Take a look – I hope some of it does the same for you!  A Membership […]

  • What’s Next?

    What’s Next?

    What’s Next? Courses in the pipeline, books to create, Solstice and Christmas to celebrate. In the midst of craziness – life is full of blessings… <3

  • A mommy meditation

    Every morning my child and I start off with a snuggle. It’s hard to remember to do this, to make the time for this. My mind has been going in a million different directions – there are so many things that need doing, so many things I want to do. I really want to sit […]

  • Staying sane as a busy mom…

    Be in the Moment. Every moment. Whatever it is I am doing. Presence to my child: – Throwing toys out of the cot and having a tantrum. – Building a website. – Writing a book. – Massaging. – Being Massaged. Whatever it is, I aspire to BE in THAT moment. Work in short bursts. Even […]