What’s Next?

Shew, what a journey this year has been! I set out with the intention to write more often, learning how to do this blog thing, and instead I’ve been creating online courses… It has been a busy year, in amongst the deep contemplation of being held within this lockdown we have all experienced. I learnt to just slow down, that there is only so much I can do as a momma on my own. And to look at where my time most needed to go in each moment… I learnt to come back to myself, honouring that call I feel to share what I know, even in the midst of washing dishes and being mom.

What’s next…. 

I’m finalising up dates and times for an online Tree Connection course – that’s a biggie! January launch for that.  Carola – who I first met and connected with around 20 years ago at Shamballah Angels in Johannesburg, got in touch, asking to help me with “more”. She has been my super star and loaded my crystal course information into the modules for me – I have to record the meditations to it now… That will be self-study rather than live, at least for now.  There’s a Chakra and Kundalini course in the works there – thinking March for that… That one is a collaboration with Carola I’m really looking forward to! There’s a “Get Connected” course loaded up – again, I have to record the meditations… Also another self-study rather than live…  I’m trying to work out some kind of membership package / subscription thing to thank you all and others who have worked with me for a while. 

I’m getting a “pull” to do Future Visions again – probably March for that too…  This is an online course I ran earlier in the year, looking at what the Future we are co-creating looks like – in a hundred years or so. It is deep Soul work, involving visioning and deep healing. And I’m looking at re-instating the Monday Meditations in a way which is going to keep me inspired and recording and loading them… The Soul Journey workbook I’ve been creating is calling to me, and the Children’s book I’ve been working on is needing some TLC…. I’m planning to start writing more here too now that I’m getting a routine of creating courses sorted, and have the tech worked out! And a “Shift Happens” Blog is up – We are inviting in collaborations for that! Bev, another one of my admin angels over the years, kicks my butt and reminds me to stay focussed and grounded… So, realistically – lots and lots is happening and in the pipeline…

Practically, I’m also aware that I need some fresh air – my garden is calling and the energies out there want me to go play and dance with them – and find that gold which came up in one of the intuitions on the recent Deepen your Intuition Course for me… And it is the holidays! My boy will be back Monday afternoon – I have presents to wrap, and baking to do… And the floor to clean… And then it is Christmas! 

I know it doesn’t all need to be done at once, and I know I don’t need to do it alone.  Carola is helping me with the admin, reminding me to take breaks, and asking what is next… Bev does the same, keeping me grounded and laughing… And it all feels good.  And, it feels great to be dreaming of doing more… sharing what I know… and growing… 

Solstice is nearly here. My body is calling out for me to do a fast – maybe juice, maybe water.  For at least 1 day, though I’d love to do longer.  And connect with the land.  I need to sit with it properly, but it is feeling like a beginning of something far more… And that feels fantastic. – That honouring process and going deeper, getting clearer and more focussed.  And solstice has always been such a good time for me to do it in the past…  It will be fun to see what arises from the space this time…

And then the fun and madness of Christmas at home! And the deep satisfaction which comes from being quiet and still and sharing that time with my boy… I know so many of us are deeply affected by CV19 – its been a year of it! And I believe that it is changing our global culture in ways we don’t fully understand or appreciate as yet.  The one thing which stands out for me in amongst it all and the fear and polarity I see “out there” is simply about focussing on where each one of us aligns our thoughts, and our energy…  Each one of us is contributing to the future we are creating, and right now, is a good time to focus on the land beneath our feet and the energy we carry…  

In the meantime, tucked away in our cosy wee home on the edge of the highlands – In amongst the rest of my “doingness”,  I’m focussing on dreams of a polytunnel I want to buy. Because I love having my fingers in the soil, and I love knowing where my food comes from… 

Enough now – I’m going to end, wishing for you, a magical holiday and enough quiet time to contemplate your own vision and inner “pull”…. Starlight in your soul…

Love, light and laughter always, 


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