What’s YOUR Anchor?

Hello there! What’s your Anchor?

I realised something over the last few days… All these groups I’m part of – FB, Linked in, Real Life – out there in the world… so many people are “selling” something. Marketing what they can do in the world… and a few people have asked me what I do – as if what I do defines who I am… (ya ya, I know, this isn’t completely a fresh A-Ha to me either…) One of the last people I tried to explain to about seeing energy, intuitions and visions of the Future disappeared so fast it made me giggle. So much for the expressed desire of friendship and finding common ground…

But here’s the thing. The reality is, I’m a single mom, trying to generate the income needed to pay the bills and raise my son, in a way which is heart open, honouring and connected to the world around us. And I have all these gifts and knowledge and experience – of a life, LIVED. And I do offer courses, mentoring, one to one, intuition development circles – but really – how do I define all of that and summarise it all up and say “This. This is what I do.” And do it in a way that makes sense to people who have no experiences of what it is I do? Does it even matter, or is it simply a case of, the people who need to find me, to work with me, will. And for the rest, I can keep on being me, shining who I am and my perspective into all sorts of different spaces, and creating unexpected “pops” of a different perspective in different people’s day to day worlds. Touching them with a bit of “Morag fairy dust sparkly glitter magic” as one friend said to me years ago. (We’d decided that day that life was too doom and gloom, and we needed to lift it somehow. So, we created a party…. At our local bar. And radioed all the dive boats to tell them. Good thing we let the bar owner know too as it lasted a few days…. That’s another story, from another part of my life, when I was in Egypt…)

What’s my anchor, in amongst all the changes in the world… In the world I currently live in. It’s different to the one I had, back there in Egypt – that other ocean world where my job was guiding people through the watery world, sharing the beauty there…

What holds me steady, and focussed, in amongst the doing? The anchor that connects me with the world around me. The “tag” that defines the work that I do, that I share out into the world.

Well, I realised this week, that I see beauty, in amongst all those changes. And it keeps me inspired, motivated, connected… It keeps me working towards that vision I hold of the future…. When individuals – you, a stranger, or a friend, is going through challenges, change, feels in turmoil – I see the Beauty of who you are, and what is happening at the level of energy and Soul. And I can talk to you about that beauty – the beauty of those changes and how that may apply in your life. Tools to get your through, or insights to shift your perception from doom and gloom and “Holy Sh*te” to “Holy Wow, ok then…” And seeing more Beauty yourself… How that seeing beauty translates into a marketable product – that one that people can point to and say – “That. Morag does that….” – well, I’m still figuring that out. Maybe it’s the Journal (Or Journals?) I’m busy crafting, maybe its all the small things I do, all the conversations… added up to the whole.

But, in amongst that – who am I? What’s my truth? What’s the Anchor that holds me steady and stable and gives me sense of purpose…

I’m Resilient in the face of change. I see Visions of a Future that keeps me focussed and inspired.

And, I see Beauty. Everywhere. I’m here, not to change the world, but to love it. And that love, supports change, supports inspiration, supports seeing Beauty and spreading love…

Lifting others, and creating a celebration of life, love and beauty that carries on… Into the Future.

And, if you want to come join the party, celebrating all of this… You are welcome. Always.

That’s my anchor.

Seeing Beauty. Holding the Vision of the Future we are Creating. And Celebrating this.

In the face of life, and all the changes and “stuff” we are seeing out there – what’s yours?

Dive boats, heading in for that party we organised… 😉

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