You’ve got this…

From my Heart to Yours!
Hello Beauty Bugs!
How are you Today? I just wanted to drop past and say to you – “You’ve got this” – whatever it is that is going on in your day to day… The little step by step changes that you are making as you grow and shine MORE, the great big vast challenges that you are facing – You’ve got this.  You are here, now, breathing and living, on this planet Earth through such intense changes that WE are co-creating. Take it one step at a time. Remember to breathe. You’ve got this.
You can do it…
I believe in you, absolutely. 
Sometimes we forget. I know, it is so easy to do. We get overwhelmed… and we forget. But the sun comes out, that fierce wind falls away, and the land softens… the flowers emerge – and the day starts fresh…. In the midst of juggling holiday shenigans with a small one, meeting up in socially acceptable groups as we emerge from lockdown and winter, rising with the sun this morning and recovering from a cold – I am reminded – You got this. It is an echo that calls back to me… You got this. You can do it.  Together we can do so much, but first of all, – self-care. Doing what needs to be done so that you can get up in the morning, and keep moving forward… counting the blessings, breathing deep… You got this. I wanted to share a freebie I was gifted today with you too. Leonie Dawson is a wonderful artist-business woman-mover and shaker… She has mo-jo, and she has some awesome courses (40days to create and sell your e-courseMoney, manifesting & multiple streams of income40days to a finished book, and a bunch of others….) Her course prices go up at the end of this month it could be a worthwhile investment if you are considering something like this, to bet the course now and do it later, when you feel ready… Just a thought.  She’s Aussie, she swears – a lot. And she has some very strong views… Her course content is great and has certainly helped me loads… Here is her freebie – which just really reminded me today to celebrate ME. and YOU. And reminded me… “You got this” . Its a printable poster to remind you of how awesome you are! Right now, I’m off to eat my croissant whilst it is hot, and get dressed for today’s live Meditation – then its off for a walk in the forest, playing and collecting pine needles to make pine needle syrup… busy sunshiney days…  Down below, there are links to courses / packages coming up – because I’m excited about them and enjoying creating them! and so looking forward to sharing them with you! Have an awesome day Beauty, I hope the sun shines for you…

Love, Morag

A Membership Package – Soul Support
The next Course- Deepening 
The next round of the Tree Connection work

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