Stand Firm Beauty

Artwork by Katy Lipscomb

That heart-breaking pain of facing “something” – and stretching those muscles inside you – fear, forgiveness, compassion, surrender – letting go, growing and still coming back into the core of yourself… Knowing that there is an energy, a force… And that it will all be ok.

Yes, it looks like Fluffy Woo Woo to many. It has done to many – for so many years. And yet, you know and I know the amount of self-healing, contemplations, navel gazing and just… letting go, surrendering and opening to your own vulnerability and strength which you and I have gone through. I know the pain the Fluffy Woo Woo has taken you through. I get it. I’ve been in there too.

Stand firm Beauty! The work you have been doing, skills accumulated – have all been about preparing you for this time. To stand firm – strong, true, brave and wide open-hearted in this storm… Stand firm.

Yes, it looks like Fluffy Woo Woo to stand in the midst of all we are currently seeing in mainstream media and STILL declare – it will be ok. Without surrendering into the energies of fear and anger yourself…

So many of the stories you and I know – the stories of hope, of land loved, earth turned, children loved, open communication, powerful vulnerability and deep compassion – not many of these stories are not making the news. Yet, they are still there. I know it hurts right now. I know your heart is going through aching sorrow, and flashes of a joy so deep it defies understanding. And that even this joy – it hurts…

You are not just standing in your Fluffy Woo Woo dear heart. You are actively working towards creating a new future. Different to what mainstream media is projecting. And for this future we need you. We need your skills. Your wild, crazy, creative, imagination. Your attention to detail. Your powerful, wide open, vulnerable heart. Your deep fierce compassion. Your vision of a future based on love and compassion. And your willingness to do the work, take the steps needed to get there… You have already gone through the fire in the last years, and in the midst of all this change, all these challenges – you have the right and the strength to stand here in all your glorious Fluffy Woo Woo and declare “It will all be alright.” I will stand by your side. And I will take the steps with you, to create… A different future to the one we see being played out now on mainstream media. And there are others, all holding their pieces of this wild, crazy, loving future we are creating… And there are those, who have perhaps been on the fringes of the Fluffy Woo Woo, but who have gone their own deep healing, through their own deep dark nights…. Who have been broken open by pain, grief, sadness and who have returned into their own sweet hearts from those shadows – and they are stepping forward too. There are many paths…

So, draw together your strength, dear one. Hold onto your Vision. Acknowledge your resources, knowledge and skills. You know the ones – those ones based in the fluffy woo woo knowingness – Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Energetic. That “stuff” you’ve been healing for the last years, that “stuff” slowly making it’s way into the mainstream. And lets create this new Physical…


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