Courses coming Up, Design Bag & In the Pipeline

January, 20th, 2022

What is YOUR Super Power?

Hello there Beautiful BEings!

How are you?  How is your Year starting out so far?  

I used to think mine was Intuition, then it was Joy – This week I’ve been realising more and more that it is Seeing Beauty in the smallest of things – and in the Greatest! 
In fact, once I realised this, I realised that I want to run a challenge on it! A fun one, like the 33 Days of Intuition we did last year – same same, bit different!
And less time consuming for us all…. 😊
It’s in the Design Bag RIGHT NOW and I’m hoping to get it out by Friday. Or Monday?  I’ll let you know…  

In the meantime I have been BUSY!!!! As I LOVE to be!  
I’m starting the next Intuition Development Circle  – 27th January 2022.  Want to come play?  😍 
the button below!  I’ve been editing the old notes so, if you’ve done it before, you’ll find that much of the content is different… From March onwards, my plan is to split the groups as there are starting to be people wanting a daytime circle as well as an evening one.  We’ll see how that goes…. 😉 
Find out More!
Beyond that, I’m in the midst of writing a new course. Or is it a new manual?  Or a Journal?  I still can’t work it out – probably all three. 
It’s called “Dreaming YOUR Year” – and basically, its about how I dream and plan for my year. 
Because, I keep getting asked how I do my Vision Board / Dreaming / Intention Setting process. 
So, that’s on the way too. It’s in that Design Bag, with me working away, designing, crafting, dreaming, visioning and creating it step-by-step for you.

Tree stuff – I simply cannot do Trees the way I was doing it last year. 
I know you love it – so do I! And I still want to keep some aspect of the work I was doing around that going…  So, I thought I’m going to drop it down to one tree a month, and aim to link in with the Celtic Calendar…. That is still in the pipeline and hasn’t reached the Design Bag as yet…
I’ll let you know as soon as that happens. 

Tuesday mornings the LIVE Meditations are still ongoing, with recordings being added to the Marvellous Meditations archive…
Want to be added to that group?  Drop me a line here. The work I’m doing is constantly evolving, constantly changing and growing…

One thing I’m starting up is a Patreon Page. At the moment, it’s VERY new, but my plan is to grow it, and one aspect of this will be sharing messages which come through during meditations and intuitive guidance. 

From March, I can feel there is a change of some form happening, and a restructuring.  I don’t know yet what this entails but I’m aiming for streamlining things a LOT! 

For those of you who know and supported or encouraged me creating the Kindness Diary 2022 – Or even bought a copy – Thank You
I’m getting asked about that for 2023 already!
And, on this Tuesday coming – the 25th, I have to ask if we can reschedule the Live Meditation as I’m being interviewed for radio about it!!!!
Exciting hey? 😂 (and slightly scary???  I did set the intention to be more visible though so here goes! 😊)

I think that all is enough for now? 
There’s MORE still (of course!) but I’ll fill you in on the rest later so that I don’t bamboozle you!  
Please do write back and tell me your Super Power though, so that I know you are receiving this? 

I do want to know! 

Oceans of love, and starlight for your Soul. Morag 

PS Did you know about my NEW YouTube Channel? It’s still very new, but it will grow…. 😘 Hit the LIKE to find out more! 😉👍

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