Aligning with Joy & Bliss

From a Marvellous Monday Meditation 2022-08-15

Feeling into the Body and aligning with Joy and Bliss, setting the Intention to connect with Soul & “I am that I am”.  From here, feeling into all the places in the body where Joy and Bliss are held, expanding this with the breath, throughout the body and into the surrounding space to act as a magnet for more… 

28 mins.

InJoy, With Gratitude.


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2 responses to “Aligning with Joy & Bliss”

    • Hello lovely! So wonderful to hear from you – even just in passing… You were on my mind, and in my heart earlier today… I’ve reloaded the meditation – hopefully it works now?! Grateful to you for letting me know the link wasn’t working! Thank YOU! I hope your day is Joy and Bliss – filled! X Morag


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