Love. MORE.

I woke up this morning with tears dripping…

And my heart feeling so hollow and so full at the same time.

In my dream, I was sitting amongst a circle of my friends – people who in the everyday world are seekers, dedicated to the truth they see and feel, and who teach forms of healing… And other friends – business people, corporate types…. And then, there were (or are) my friends who are the activists – climate change, transition towns, permaculture… There were (or rather, are) these divisions in how each of these groups of people were able to see and relate to each other. And, even in the dream, it was making my heart so sore. Achingly so. As they all argued about who was “Right”. Even as I could see this passionate, shining light within each of them – they just couldn’t find a common language to talk to each other….

One was determined to “rescue” humanity, another was determined to share “truth and wake people up”, another wanted to save the forests….

And then one of them turned to me and asked me to join her “side”.

I couldn’t.

All I could see was this group of Souls, all passionate about different aspects of life and living, and so invested in “being right, saving others, fixing problems” that they couldn’t see each other.

Couldn’t see each other’s hearts, or feel the fierce love that lay under this argument…

I woke up, trying to explain that what I was seeing was Soul, invested in expressing love and life. From so many different facets of the situation. And that the only solution I could see to the argument was to Love.

To Love More.

To let go of the judgements, the need to be right, the investment in “one truth above all others” – to just let go, and love. Love more.

That love which is fierce, and passionate, which allows each “self” to open up to the “other” – to feel deep compassion and empathy for the “other”. To feel within the “Self” what the “Other” was or is feeling…. and to make space within the Self for Another’s beliefs, wounds, feelings, perspectives – and from there, perhaps to find something in common… And to – perhaps – begin to see the gift each of them had for the other – even amongst the differences. That passionate desire for a life that reflects Being – simply BEING- with all our differences… And all our edges where we are able to find common ground…

In these times of change and yes, conflicting perspectives, those edges feel sharp. Sharp enough to wound. Judgements cut deep. Cutting ourselves off from people because “they don’t see it, they’re not awake, they’re too different….I’m done trying to rescue/educate/fix/heal/ whatever…” – This wounds me. It hurts. I feel the pain on both sides of that divide… And it is so real for all concerned. Judgements, deeply wounding, cutting deep…. This babble of voices, all demanding to be heard, that their pain is “more” than another’s, that they are “right” and another is “wrong”….

And the truth I feel inside me is that, all of that doing… Is not what is needed. Love is.

Deep, compassionate, fierce love that allows us to put aside differences. That allows us to feel what another is going through even where our own perspective is different… Perspective to imagine what it would be like to “walk in that other’s shoes….”. We are all so different, with such different background, such different perspectives, educations, experiences…. We each have pieces to add to the whole – and that is the richness and the opportunity in these times. Or, so I see. But then, that is my perspective, my judgement. My waking call from my dream and into my everyday world today… Love More. Express truth from the heart…

I have this belief that our world has a future, that change is possible…. I’ve seen this, in visions and dreams over the last 20 years or so of the visioning work that I do. I’m not the only one, and even where I share common points of those visions with others, we find that our perspectives – our “lens” if you like, onto that world we are creating, has different perspectives. Naturally so, as each lens is unique to that Soul.

I do know that a beautiful, wonderful, life-affirming future lies ahead for so many of us… It will take time – a lifetime or two – to create this. That the children will inherit what we create now. I do believe that the changes needed to make it happen are right now. That we all have something to contribute and share – if we can just find the common language – the points where each of our perceptions, and passion interconnects. Not all of us have the same vision, not all have the same perception of “right”. Not all of us want to live the same way – how boring life would be if that was the case! But there are points of common ground – a common language we can share. If we can just find that… And live that.

My dream this morning, facing the grief I was feeling about all the burgeoning conflict and the heartache that arises within me as I see so many friends turn away from each other or the work they have been doing for decades gave me one answer. Love.

Love MORE.


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