Dancing into the New Year

Hello Beauty!
Wishing you Blessings and Joy in the Year ahead…

I just… want to take a moment to say well done! We’ve made it this far…. It’s been a hell of a year hasn’t it? I’ve really missed hugs this year. AND at the time – I feel so deeply grateful for everything last year brought – the heartaches and the deep introspection that so many of us experienced. And the time to be able to do that… just sit and navel gaze…. and dream and vision and create…  And from this – more…. 

I’m grateful for your presence on the planet at this time now. And I’m grateful to be here NOW. There’s so much I could, or should, or want to say and to share with you – but I don’t want to sound like an advertisement, or use cliches, or anything like that really….

I just, want to take a moment to say thank you. For being here, and now. For the work that is being done by you and through you, as you bring your presence to the planet at this time… Many of us have heard for years about “the changes” – of a new earth being born.  And Birthing is always a messy process… So, I just want to say thank you for your ability and your willingness to be present during this messy process… Cakes, moments of genius, dreams coming true – none of that happens without there being a bit of mess along the way. I’m hoping and planning to write more, create more and do more this year.

My intention for the year is to get beyond my own fear of being more visible, dance more, and take better care of myself so that I can do more…. I’d love to know yours? 

And, I want to ask you for your help. Please share what I’m doing.   If you come across someone you think might be interested in the work I do, or just someone who needs a dose of “Morag Magicalness” – please pass my information along… Challenge my fear! And support me doing what I’m here to do – Sharing what I Know.

A friend of mine – Carola – answered a prayer I put out there and has asked to do more with me, in terms of helping out with admin and creating more content, and website help… So I’m building a team! 

I’m doing one to one Zoom sessions around my child and home-schooling till schools go back – all the “normal” in these times we live in.

Coming up, there’s an Intuition Development Circle starting up again, via Zoom – 7th January. There’s a Connecting with Trees course starting up too – 22nd January for that one.  It’s a deep dive into connecting with the energy of different trees worldwide, and learning more about each of the different types. (The Trees keep asking, so that will be a fun exploration for me too! 😉 )

I’ve reinstated the Marvellous Meditations – but changed it. I was struggling to get people’s videos to them, not getting feedback – it drove me nuts! And made me sad. So, I fell apart on that one and hid away… But brought it back out, changed a few things, dusted it off – and put it back out there…. 

In March, there is a Chakra & Kundalini course planned. And another “Future Visions” Course planned….

I’m co-hosting a blog page called “Shift Happens” and looking for others to contribute to this… Basically, building positive energy and offering skills and insights “out there” into the world…. 

The website is in a constant process of being updated… 

It all sometimes feels a bit like baking a cake blindfolded and making a mess – & trusting the process as I go that at the end of it, will be something delicious… 

And I’m trying to make sure I dance every day, go out, breathe deep, laugh with my son, and see the Beauty… Because really, it doesn’t all need to be done straight away and life has its priorities you know? Laughter, and love, and seeing the Beauty everywhere – and sharing what I know…. 

Wishing for you, such beauty and joy in the year ahead.  And, I really would love to hear your intentions – even if its just a quick line back.  I may not reply, but I do value those moments of contact and inspiration your sharing gives me…  

I hope too you can appreciate yourself enough to know the value of the role you are playing on the earth in these times of shift and change – how you act as a catalyst and point of love for all those you encounter.  And that you take enough care of yourself to be able to keep on keeping on! Sending you my love, and a wish for blessings for your journey… 


Morag – Heart. Soul. Earth (moragleiper.com)


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