Deepening Intuition

Back when I used to teach intuition development circles, spiritual circles, and more, my students used to ask me so often – “How? How do we do this?” The simple truth is, Listen to your Heart. Intuition speaks loudest through the heart. And to hear it, see it, feel it – experience it – it is so important to keep the heart soft and open.

It is through the heart that intuition speaks. And it can be a whisper, or a roar….

Yea, there’s all the big sparkly visions too, and the guides speaking, and the soul connection. But the intuition is a constant murmur speaking through and from the heart. So, to deepen intuition – listen to your heart. Everyday. And feed it, keep it soft, nourish it with beauty, gratitude and love.

The heart doesn’t speak judgement, or fear. It simply speaks compassionate love. And it connects you – if you are willing to listen – to an ever deepening source for this.

Sounds simple hey? It is. And our minds want to complicate this, have a formula to follow…. but here’s the simple truth. If you want to really deepen to your intuition and keep on deepening this, listen to your heart. And be willing to move beyond fear, judgement, rational thoughts and into ever deepening compassion. For yourself and others.

Do you dare?


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