Visionary. Soul Whisper. Catalyst.

All my life I have seen and worked with Soul – what this means and the practical implications. It took me a while to come to terms with it, and find a practical way to use and apply it. Doing traditional readings didn’t work for me. People kept coming back, rather than entering into dialogue with their own marvellous Soul… And I didn’t want to be the one constantly answering their questions. Rather, I longed to see people diving deep, getting connected with themselves and with the world and energies around them – and living from that place of deep connection.

I realised I simply wanted to share what I know, and see people grow into their own connection. Support that, facilitate that – but step back and let them do the work for themselves, rather than being the “go to” all the time. Because when any one of us connects deeply with our own Soul, our life aligns with a sense of “Something more”… And the way we live our lives changes. We become deeply connected, a conscious part of the living web of energy around ourselves. And living from this place, there is a sense of flow – regardless of how circumstances shift and change in the everyday.

That sense of connection is there, in each individual…

And when that sense of connection is there? That Soul-full Being is deeply powerful, feeling, wise beyond years or society patterning, free from restriction, wildly connected to the planet beneath our feet, and the heart can open – wider and wider…


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