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Softening Scars…

One of the (other) hats I wear in the world is as a Body Worker. – A massage therapist, colour-as-healing therapist, and a Myofascial Release Therapist. This last is so precious to me – though all of the studies, and training, and practises over… Continue Reading “Softening Scars…”

JOY Filled June…

Joyful June…. “Take a picture of something that brings you JOY today & share it” Big cloudless skies & the feeling of sun on my skin, and a tree shaded, well cared for fresh water Spring…. 😍🎉 What’s yours? 😘

Monday Marvelous Meditations

Nourish to Flourish

It’s not perfect, but it’s happening… Whoop whoop! Its starting tomorrow… Well, the live sessions are, and I’ll be adding to the content as we journey together… Jump on the live sessions, or take your time with the recorded content… 😉 Transformational work, play, meditations,… Continue Reading “Nourish to Flourish”

Buzzing Powerful Ideas…

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come” Victor Hugo, Les Miserables I found myself thinking this last week. I was in at Number ONE – the local Community Hub in Banchory. I’ve taken on a new part-time role under Deeside… Continue Reading “Buzzing Powerful Ideas…”

Be in Joy

From Peggy Black’s Morning Messages Invitations, this card made me smile… And think of my friend Vicki O’Grady-Longo – who is a #ChiefJoyOfficer – a ##JoyKindler… If you ever are in need of having your Joy Sparked, I’d prescribe you 10minutes in her presence…… Continue Reading “Be in Joy”

Power of NOW

Sitting this morning, planning ahead, I pulled a card from my Morning Messages Invitations by Peggy Black (link to her site here). It so made me giggle, because, in the planning, my brain had leaped ahead about 30 years and started wondering “How the… Continue Reading “Power of NOW”

Being in Survival Mode, Gratitude & Kindness – Secret Super Powers

“Being in Survival Mode” – I have found that the thing about it is, so often, I might recognise when I am entering into it, and think to myself “Ah, I must remember I’ve entered survival mode to cope with this (whatever “this” is)… Continue Reading “Being in Survival Mode, Gratitude & Kindness – Secret Super Powers”

Doing what we can, where and when we can…

A friend took me out for the most delicious coffee and cake yesterday. Somewhere new in that I’ve not been there before. Delicious gluten free brownie with raspberries on the top…. Streaming sunshine and outside tables… Talking about the state of the world, who… Continue Reading “Doing what we can, where and when we can…”

Kindness Matters…

I was thinking a few moments ago that I wanted to do a post about car sharing. Why don’t we do it more often? The benefits of it…. Environmental impact. Community connectivity. Traffic jams. Conversations. My brain was going around the houses with it…… Continue Reading “Kindness Matters…”