The Vision…

I see the seeds of what we come together in the future to create, in the lives being lived now…

In the Vision I hold of the Future, I see humanity coming together to live in harmony and balance – with themselves, and all beings on this planet. A core focus, across all cultures, is care for the Earth and Earth restoration work. Within this there is a deep, personal commitment for each individual to explore their own sense of spirituality. They seek to discover what resonates with their soul – a desire to know and to experience what their soul is learning or growing from within their life. Their Soul’s truth if you like. This Soul’s truth is discovered by looking at the lessons the generations before them have experienced, the interests and passions of that individual, and how or what they learn from each experience as they grow. This process starts as a child and continues throughout life. Focus is on how to work with the energy that surrounds each individual, and where this interacts with others, and the natural world around themselves. How this is affected by, and affects the environment around them – food & farming, wilderness areas, relationships, pregnancy, children, schooling, work… All aspects of life.

In short, people’s commitment is a desire to live life in deep connection with the earth and deep spiritual practise. Loving Connection. And I see the seeds of this happening Now.

People then talk about the “Time of Transformation” or “The Dark Years” .

– The period of time where humanity came out of a period of time where they forgot, neglected, or simply didn’t know enough to value their connection to the Earth beneath them, their own sweet souls and the energy they carry, as well as their interactions with each other. With all beings. Governments didn’t and acted in oppostion to those who did – those who called for Earth care practises. That this time of transformation was a time of a “squeeze” if you like. Where the pressure of choosing which path to align with was so extreme that it forced choices… How uncomfortable this was, and how, to humanity living through those years, there appeared to be so much darkness and oppression. So much fear. During this time, people – Souls – were asked to make commitment – live in fear or live in a loving commitment to exploring something deeper, more nebulous than what many had words for… And to do this in the face of situations around themselves which appeared deeply confrontational…

We are the ancestors of those people in the future. We are the ones going through the “Time of Transformation”.

I see Souls everywhere, creating oasis of peace, commitment, harmony, hope – in spite of being told they couldn’t do it, it wasn’t sensible or that it would be too hard by the people whose level of fear is high. When we live in fear, we limit ourselves to the boundaries of that fear. Fear keeps us small.

In facing our fears, personal or embodied by others, we have an oppertunity to move deeper into a commitment to our own sense of truth now – what we are able to create now. Soul’s truth – or if you like the wisdom of actions being returned to the individual, says that what we give out is what is returned to us. And our children. Where we live in fear, playing small – this is the reality we will create. Around ourselves, and into the future. (I have seen this reality of fear too, running alongside that other one I wrote about earlier. My work is to cross back and forth between the two, reminding people of the power of their sweet Soul…)

Where we face our fear, and go beyond it – seeking loving, deep connection with the land beneath us and our sense of our own Soul’s truth, spirituality, the sense of something more – and practise how to consciously interact with this something more – then we can begin to move into an energy of creativity. These things – this deep connection and ultimately this energy of Unconditional and Unlimited Love can cause us to dream big, to ask the questions “What if?” “What else?” – and to actively build towards creating those dreams or projects that fear would hold us back from.

“What else is possible?”

And this is where my work now lies – planting seeds for the reality still to come. Facing fears, looking for the flows of loving energy within my own life, listening to guidance and following scynchronsities. And sharing this. Teaching others to do what I do.

Creating something more…


One on one work, supporting your journey. Part intuitive reading, part sharing skills and experience. Practical, supportive, nourishing, accountability. May involve flower essence suggestions.

Sessions are conducted via Zoom.


Group work, sharing what I know. Parlty Intuitively guided, parly planned. Involves discussion, meditation, practical exercises to complete and more. Support groups via Facebook for you to keep connecting with others in the groups – if you choose.

Zoom sessions, with access to workbooks where possible.


Blogs, books, workbooks – an ever growing area of simply sharing what I can, or practical tools to support your journey.

Building the blog. Writing books, for children and adults. Creating workbooks to inspire and support… Some books already published on Amazon – more to follow. Keep watching this space!


Massage, and Myofascial Release Techniques. Soul talking to soul whilst on the massage table has the potential to release pockets of fear we may not even have been aware that we were holding….

Where and when available… Based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. But I am known to travel…

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