simply, Embodied Living

Feel connected. Skies above, Earth beneath, Heart wide open. Seeing Beauty.

And sharing this.

I believe we are here to embody soul, in this life we are living. And that we are able to do this in ways which are life-affirming, practical and nourishing. For ourselves, and for the generations yet to come.

We have this marvellous, magical life for the living of it. And we live in times of such great change…

My work is a constantly evolving growth and exploration of this – Embodying Soul. Practically. Living this connection. And a commitment to supporting others with their own journey, co-creating the future whilst we do so.

Meditation, Connection with Nature and Soul, Bodywork Tools and Techniques, Breath work, Permaculture practises, Writing, Workbooks and more. As an author, dreamer, dancer, mother, permaculture practitioner, intuitive, and visionary – who I am and the work I do, grows and changes with the seasons, as do I. I look forward to sharing the journey and adventure of it with you.

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