One 2 one

Offering you Soul Guided Answers to your Life Questions….

Whether as an one of session, or a series to support you.

I want to see you Shine.

I want to see your Soul Shining and your everyday life reflecting that…. I am here simply to share what I know and see.

And I know, Life can be juicy and marvellous – and deeply challenging. 

If you have found your way here, most likely it means that you are searching, somehow, somewhere, for something. Something more. And a catalyst for a step forward. 

So, the question I would have for you, is this: 

How can I help your Soul Shine?

Whether you are actively seeking transformation, simply trying to understand changes you are already experiencing, standing at a cross-roads, or longing to connect more deeply, it may be that you find sessions with me right for you.

Tailored around you, this could be a once off, or a series to give you insight, support and deepening into your life and journey. Or a Mentoring Journey where we work together to strengthen your own skills, confidence, intuition and deepen into your most joyous life.

Ultimately, my aim is to see YOU shine. And Grow. And no longer “need” to come for sessions. My role is to share with you what I see, what I know, and offer insights, intuitions and guidance from Soul and support you in deepening into your own intuition and trust in yourself.

I believe we are each here to Embody Soul, Unconditional Love, and Co-Create a reality which further reflects this. This process may be immediate for some, and for others, it may take time. The power and the ability to do this, resides within you.

This is a process of transformation and change where we throw off limiting beliefs, coming deeper into a knowledge and acceptance of our own Being, and a deep sense of connection with our own unique Soul and the world around us. Living from a place of Unconditional Love and deep connection. It can feel so incredibly exciting to journey through this process, and at the same time – deeply unsettling. And yet – it is a marvellous adventure and journey into deep self awareness and realisation…

I am honoured to share what I know and support you in deepening your own sense of connection…. Coming from a place of love, holding the Vision I have of the future that lies ahead for us all, working from within my own humanity – I am simply grateful to be here, and able to do the work that I do.

Embodying Soul. Embodying Love.

Clairvoyance, Intuitive Guidance & Energy Reading, combined when appropriate with Flower Essences to support you going forward. 

Life Coaching & Mentoring. 

I’d love to here from you, to share what I know and see with you.  Get in touch, let’s see what answers are waiting for you and can be created next…. 

Love Morag

Contact me here to check availability.  Sessions are available mid-week or weekends, depending on availability. Sessions are offered via Zoom, WhatsApp, or Messenger Video. Hourly rate, discounts available for course participants, or for a series of sessions to support you.

Flower essences may be suggested to you.  These may be accessible to you in the country where you are, providing these would be an additional charge should you choose to work with these. Bespoke meditations or practical exercises may be shared with you. It all simply depends on what will feed and support your Soul…

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