Meditation Club

Meditation Club

If we don’t go within, we go without.

Taking time, making time, creating time.

Going within.

There is something truly magical which happens when a group of people come together to meditate. Within that shared space, whether in the same room, or simply through the space of a shared intention – energy builds.

And lifts all involved…

Meditation can then become easier, smoother, and filled with greater grace…

Marvellous Magical Meditations

Created by Morag

When you sign up to the Meditation Club, I will “tune in” & record a meditation focussed just for you… Your choice -directly to your inbox, or share it with the group.

What else:-

  • Sacred space shared – wherever you are.
  • A live meditation via Zoom each week.
  • Archive of meditations to access as and when you like..
  • And a monthly live Sunday morning meditation…

“Quiet the mind,

and the Soul will Speak”

Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Topic: Morag’s Monday Marvellous Magical Meditations
Time: 8:30pm, London time, Every Monday

Please fill out the registration form below to receive your link to the online space. Donations are always welcome and appreciated, but not a necessity to join.

Or sign up directly here for access.

It is a delight and a joy to share this space with you.

Intro & Going Deeper
Going Deeper into Connection
No words, just bubbles. A meditation for Divers, stuck behind a desk.

Mind Body Soul

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