Journeying with Trees

Join at any point throughout the Year.

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13 Sessions of Journeying into Deeper Connection with Trees over the Year. 
Working with Seasonal awareness and different trees.
Join at any time throughout the Year ~
– the course will “roll-over” next year & you can continue to where you started from.
Follow along at your own pace, or join the live session every 28 days.
The course is a blend of pre-recorded and Live sessions, with written material if you choose to use it. Each Live session is unique.

Meditations, Practices & Ceremony to support and deepening awareness in between for self-practise, self-reflection and integrating. 
Take these, and the practices shared out into your woods and connect with the land and trees around you.

Rooted, and stretching…

Why the range of prices?
For A Heart & Soul Centered Practise. 💜

I work from my Heart & my Soul.
And I’m feeding my child, planting trees, sharing what I know, spreading sunshine, magic and joy wherever I can… And sharing the abundance with the team of people working alongside me!
I’m grateful to be able to do this work, and I choose to make philanthropy and accessibility pricing a core to the work.
Your support helps me to do that, at the same time – I want to make what I do accessible…

Love in Action basically.

“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.”– Khalil Gibran, Sand and Foam

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If you feel a connection with Trees… And you want to Deepen into that Connection…

If you enter the forest – and your breath hitches with awe…. Or you encounter a majestic ancient on the brow of a hill all alone, or deep in the forest, and find yourself filled with wonder… If you feel that Trees are constantly whispering to you, murmuring on the wind.

Your are never alone.

Or, if you want these things and to deepen into your sense of connection with the land beneath you and the Trees you share breath with…

If you look at a Tree and feel a Reverence for that Beauty before you, and a desire to connect more deeply with the Beauty and Wisdom of that…

And to connect with other like – minded soul’s…

Let’s share space and time…

I have heard it my whole life long – that whisper from the trees, from the land beneath me, from the Beauty which surrounds us.
Calling me deeper… Inviting me to share…”

~ Morag
Join at any point throughout the Year.

Dates and Times, Here

Sharing the whisperings, practical exercises, stories & meditations gifted to me over the years –
Honouring the Trees & what they have to share with us…
From the mycelium to the roots to the leaves, and through the seasons, let’s engage in a journey of discovery and connection.
Learning, growing, practising and sharing.

What Will YOU learn with this Course?

The Stories of many different Trees & their affect on the environment and cultures around them.
Practical techniques for connecting deeply.
More about how all parts of a forest weave together to support the whole.
Increased awareness of the Energy of the Trees around you.
Greater sensitivity, greater connection with Treesgreater connection with all beings and with all life.
You will learn the value of keeping it grounded, keeping it practical, keeping it real.
Over the duration of the course, you will learn how to connect intuitively & instinctively, with these Tree beings. You can expect your sensitivity to your environment to increase and a deepening awe for the world around you, supporting you to live within a sense of flow, reverence and deep connection.

“Trees exhale for us so that we can inhale them to stay alive. Can we ever forget that? Let us love trees with every breath we take until we perish.”

– Munia Khan

Who am I, doing this work?

Hiya, I’m Morag. I’m a DreamerWriterVisionary and Optimist graduate. I love to encourage dreams and visions of creating more… I practise Gratitudes near daily, see the good in everything. My Secret Superpowers are finding the Silver Lining and Seeing Beauty. Everywhere!

And I see Soul.

This offering arises out of the deep sense of the connection I feel with the trees and land all around us. The wonder and beauty of this…

It arises from that whisper I hear on the wind –
“Share our stories, share our stories.
– Tell the stories of who we are and how deep our connection goes…
Share with more how to connect with us more deeply…
How deeply we are all connected, already…

The Year before Covid an Ancient Sitka Spruce in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, thanked me for the work I would yet do with people and trees around the world… And spoke to me of the importance of this work – of speaking of the wisdom of trees, and how their voice is a whisper in the wind and in the heart… The work that was coming to me… I asked how, as I wasn’t planning much travelling at the time… And I argued – I have friends, and a lover who do this work far more often than what I was doing at the time.

And the tree explained to me that it was through the wood wide web and the ether – that we are all connected… And showed me an image of roots, hair-like and fine stretching through the world… And that it was time I used all the tools available to me, to share…

This was a deep intuition and a series of images and feelings, rather than words. I have always been deeply aware of energy, and the sense of presence from Trees… And the work I do here comes from this, my curiosity about trees, and the reading, research, tuning in and listening which I then go on to do.

The work here specifically, online here, comes out of people asking me during Covid about Trees, the energy of trees, and how to deepen their own sense of connection.
Some of those people were in different countries… Asking about different trees, their energy, the seasons, the symbolism… How it is that I am aware of the different energies – and how they can deepen their own connection. I tried to respond and for 18months or so I hosted 3 month “Into Connection with Trees” every 2 weeks via Zoom sessions. Using the World Wide Web – and imagining all those threads of energy like roots, connecting us all. As I was shown by that Ancient Sitka Spruce…
Each of the Meditations are intuitive as I “tune in” directly to whichever Tree I am working with that session and that tree’s species’ energy. And then share the words and images which come to mind.

I have dearly loved friends scattered world wide who host in-person “Tree Spirit Journeys” or “Tree Meditations” and who take people into deep connection that way. Walking in the woods with them in the physical.
I’ve worked with them – walked in the woods and beyond with them, and others over the years, supporting in developing and deepening that connection, supporting “how to”, and the deep intuitions which arise alongside being open to feeling and experiencing those energies… At some point, I’d love to hold a “Tree Retreat” and craft something to explore this further, co-facilitating and creating something. Somewhere. A shared space with Trees…

That time is not yet NOW. So.

I do what I can, where I can, when I am asked to, and as I am intuitively guided.

There are a lot more people opening up to this work than there were 20 years ago when someone (who now holds Tree Spirit Journeys) first said to me “I feel like that Tree is talking to me. What should I do?”
My response was, “Talk back to it. If you ignore it, it will only start shouting to get your attention…” He thought he was going “mad” and was starting to worry…

If you feel like Trees are calling to you, asking for your attention, speaking to you in your heart and with physical sensations, it may well be that it is time to talk back… Be sensible – able to respond to your senses – and question, where, and why, and who. Wonder with them. Research. Deepen into your connection. Reach out and talk to others doing this work…
There are no shortcuts with this work – To a tree, our human life is so fast…
Be practical. Keep that human sensing in perspective.
The tallest trees are able to grow so tall because they are well grounded.

We have more senses than just our physical – and the Trees, and Natural World around us are shouting to get out attention… It may not make “sense” – but there is more to this world than what is seen and heard through ordinary senses… So many are now becoming more aware and more sensitive to these subtle energies… And our attention is precious and so needed in the world around us…
The reward? A deep sense of connection and reverence for the Beauty of this world where we live… Perhaps even a sense of unfolding hope against the odds for the future as we learn to listen and connect more deeply.

“All our wisdom is stored in the trees.”

~ Santosh Kalwar
Join at any point throughout the Year.

Dates and Times, Here

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