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Being Present

Being Present
A short and sweet little meditation which packs a presence and a power…


Today I waved my child off on the bus and though “Shew, I’m done. I’m just done today…. ” And then I caught myself. I caught myself starting to slide into negative thoughts, and thoughts of exhaustion, inability to cope… Just… being done, in… Continue Reading “Gratitudes…”

Updates, & a Poll…

Hello lovelies!  I am sorry I’ve not been in touch – just trying to organise and sort logistics, update where things need updating – or changing – like Christmas references in the January Intuition Development Circle, and planning ahead a bit… Discovered that I… Continue Reading “Updates, & a Poll…”

Who we are…

Who we are is the product of our life experiences…

Dancing into the New Year

Hello Beauty!Wishing you Blessings and Joy in the Year ahead… I just… want to take a moment to say well done! We’ve made it this far…. It’s been a hell of a year hasn’t it? I’ve really missed hugs this year. AND at the… Continue Reading “Dancing into the New Year”

What’s Next?

What’s Next?
Courses in the pipeline, books to create, Solstice and Christmas to celebrate. In the midst of craziness – life is full of blessings… ❤

Season shift & school gate immunity

So, this isn’t my normal musing meander… More, it is a moment of practicality… The season is shifting, the children are coming running out of the school gate – or in at the beginning of the day as the case may be. And my… Continue Reading “Season shift & school gate immunity”

The Overwhelm…

I’ve been struggling. The last few months, coming out of lockdown, getting back to school, getting back into routine – Life should be sweetas! And really, it is! Loving gentle coffee and chats in the afternoon with other moms, dropping in on a friend… Continue Reading “The Overwhelm…”

7 Generations

We are living in a time of such change. And such opportunity too. Opportunity for what we are co-creating, not just for our lifetimes, but into the next 7 generations… And, it is this image of the 7 generations where I get fired up,… Continue Reading “7 Generations”

Dream, not imagine.

A colleague today said “I just can’t imagine how this will work when we go back…”. I can’t either. We were talking (messaging actually) about our “other” job, the one we do when we’re not busy mommy-ing. Where we work together in the local… Continue Reading “Dream, not imagine.”