Updates, & a Poll…

Hello lovelies! 

I am sorry I’ve not been in touch – just trying to organise and sort logistics, update where things need updating – or changing – like Christmas references in the January Intuition Development Circle, and planning ahead a bit… Discovered that I was really tiered and as my energy lifts – the inspiration starts flowing…. 😉 

I’m attaching a doodle poll – I’d love it if you could take a moment and fill out bits in there?  It would help with planning and logistics immensely! Here it is : http://www.poll-maker.com/QP7VLQTRW

I’ve been talking about the membership page / access for months now – and just in the process of creating the logistical gateway / physical support structure to allow that to happen… Affiliates and all of that is part of the plan here… 😉 

In the poll I talk about an Equinox Meditation this weekend – that would be free, the Intuition development practise on a Tuesday and Marvellous Meditations are going to be part of the membership package… 

And I mentioned a course I was looking to start : Deepening into Connection, Deepening into Healing – I’ve been struggling to get clarity on this – waiting for Intuitions and clarity on this, which has now come through at last! (Yeeeeehaaa, I love it when that flow happens…) Start date for this will be 8th April – it will be 7 weeks of Ancestral healing and connection, Future Self Visioning and connecting – and grounding this into the practical here and now… I’m looking forward to it! On my website, I will simply call it “Deepening”.  As soon as I have a link for this, I will be sending it out to you… ❤

The NEXT Tree Connection course – so the next set of 6 – will be starting on 16th April – if you want to sign up for that, the link is here

And Following on from the Deepening course, it may be that Carola & I share with you the Chakra and Kundalini course, it may be that we do another Intuition Development Circle… Or it may be something completely different!  😉 We’ll have to wait and see how the stars and the energy aligns… ❤

I’m curious too, to see who is joining in for Patricia Angove’s talk on Thursday? I am so excited about this – I love Patricia’s energy, and her work, and the inspiration it brings to me – I feel a little bit like that little girl in pigtails who is jumping up and down at the back of the class with excitement! If you haven’t signed up to it as yet, these are the details: Free online Talk – Surviving or Flourishing in these Times, Thursday 18th March 2021 6.30pm UK time 7.30 German and Austrian time and 8.30 South African time This talk will be in English with German translation given by Susanne Ferril Please email Patricia to register with your name, where you live (country/county) and she will send you a zoom invite closer to the time. patricia.angove@btinternet.com

Last but not least, in the back of my mind and along the edges of everything else, I am still creating the Workbook – Soul Support.  I have a list of questions and practises I’m putting in – but I’m curious, and guided, to ask you, when you consider your life purpose, and being here now, what are the questions that you ask yourself daily? Please share these with me…?

 Love, light and laughter, Morag

Who we are…

Who we are is the product of our life experiences. Our upbringing, lifestyle, choices and experiences. A lot of how we re-act to situations later on in life is determined by how we were shaped by our parents in our early childhood years. And, those transformative “big” experiences that hit us so hard – or for so long – that our thinking is changed. You know, getting married, getting divorced, loss, birth of a child, loving relationships, abusive relationships, global pandemic. All these things shape us, and shape how we then go on react to the people and the world around us.

I’m sure there will be lots of studies done about the effect of global pandemics. The long term effects, the short term effects – hell, we all know they are being done already. We are living in the middle of one long experiment… And I don’t just mean the global pandemic.

I mean this one, marvellous life which we have come in to experience, learn from and grow from.

And I want to come back to that first sentence – Who we are is the product of our life experience.

Right now is one hell of a life experience. And it is literally changing the way we see the world around us, our interactions, our perspectives, and our expectations. And how we react to situations, people or challenges thrown our way.

From the mother of three, earning the sole income for a family home, struggling to look after the children, husband, dogs and donkeys – and still finding the time to sort out the homeschooling, and laundry. To the couple living on their own in splendid isolation. To the aid workers reaching out to try and support whilst adhering to social distancing rules. To the teachers holding the child crying over a sore knee, or the strangeness of not being allowed to play with Gran… We are all doing this together, and at the same time, each one of us is alone within our own selves. Our own thoughts, our own brains, our own self-judgements and reflection process.

But in 20 years, we will look back at this time as a pivotal time of change in our world. In 10 years even. The children we are raising now might not remember much from “before lockdown” – but their world will have changed. The rules, how we interact, communicate, find common ground, establish relationships – all this is in such a pivotal time and place of change. And how we do this change now will determine what that future looks like. The choices we make now, are literally creating that future.

The judgements, the acceptance. The kindness of strangers and the isolation of all of us.

There are many people who I have known over the years who talk about “Birthing a New Earth” or the “New world” and they have made it sound like this effortless place we can just cruise on into with the minimum of effort…. That never quite sat right with me. I always wondered how. How we could get there, how we would create it…. Right now, we are in the birthing pains of that process of creating That New Reality. Creating new ways of being. The new ways of being arise out of our actions and responses NOW. All that longing for kinder communication skills, greater connectivity, permaculture practises, positive climate change actions – All the high ideals of a “better” way of living and loving and being? They were ideals. And now we are in the birthing process where so much of this can actually be grounded, planted and integrated into the everyday global community. And we have the opportunity to create something more.

Something so marvellous…

Already, pollution levels are down! How amazing is that? Just… for a moment, take that in with a great big breath. Something inside of me smiles at that simple acknowledgement. Pollution levels are down. Yes, it has been hard. Yes, the economy is affected. But pollution levels are down! Just for a moment I want to marvel at that…. And We can take steps to restore so much more. Here in Britain there has been a huge surge in garden interest in the last year, with people planting more and paying more attention to the birds in their own gardens. I have no idea if it is the same worldwide – perhaps it is?

Never has there been a more poignant time than now to Be kind, to play it forward. To move beyond fear and judgement. And to vision what lies ahead. The choices and decisions we make now are shaping the world our children will inherit. We are literally creating the world and the reality that lies ahead with our everyday choices. And we can see this played out in our day to day so quickly at the moment. From calls to violence – and the devastation it creates, to calls for solidarity and a sense of community that creates. There are still polarities – there always will be. It is hard not to go into judgement when someone is different or does something different to the way we do it ourselves. And yet. We have the choice. Our actions affect the world we are creating. And we can create it with more kindness if we choose that. So what if people are different? Surely we can find ways for all of us to work together, drawing from our differences as well as our similarities. We have common ground. The air we breathe, the future we can create…

And from within all of this, all these words… I want to ask you – what are your priorities? In the midst of this global pandemic and a year which is changing the reality around us…. What are your fears? What are your core values that underpin and underlie every step you take, and how you look at, or respond to the people around you and can you live with the future repercussions of what you are creating in each moment now?

I have found myself broken open again and again even more in this last year. Simply so grateful for the generosity of the community around me, and in awe of how people can come together to support each other where there is a need… And from this, only inspired to share more, create more, give more. To find ways to give back into that pool of humanity and the world – that we all may benefit.

But you see, this is one of my childhood memories – of how it takes a community, and that if one aspect of the community is struggling, the whole is struggling…

I know I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one…

What are we creating for the Future?

And how can we work together, supporting each other, to create more.

More Beauty. More goodness. More for all…


I have lived my life from this place of deep connection. From this sense that there is “something more” – something out there which pulls me forward again and again, whispering of that more. That infinite pull towards more… That deep sense and appreciation for Beauty which calls me forward… again and again.

Through the hard times. Beyond what is considered “sane and sensible” by so many of my peers…

That calls me to share what I know. Even knowing that I don’t know what I know.

Until someone asks…

And then the answers come bubbling up from this deep pool of connection somewhere in the core of me.

And I don’t know whether to run from this. Or towards it.

That. That is what it means to be connected with Soul, to live from this place of Soul Awareness. Knowing that I don’t know – and that I do. And that when the questions are asked, the answers come bubbling up from this deep pool of connection… Like visiting the pool of an oracle… This deep well within me, untamed and wildly nourishing…

And that, as much as I have tried to run from this place of depth and connection – it is always there. And that I am most nourished and whole when I allow myself to visit this pool of connection. To take time to enter the silence and stillness and allow the answers to bubble up from within me. From within this sense I have of the depth of connection to all that surrounds us… And from this, visions of a future still to come.

The thing is. I do not want to be different. Or special. I know that any one of us can do this. This deep connection to the longing and this place of connection, awe and beauty. I know so many who do have and do this. Who hold this within themselves, or spend their lives dedicated to searching out the mystery that lies within – and all around… I see these people all around… I’ve tracked them through the clues they leave behind. Breadcrumbs of poems and art and writing that move me to understand and accept this deeper call, to surrender to it. Again and again. I see these seekers – shining out through the eyes of friends around me, cackling with laughter at the humour of circumstances and unfortunate happenings… I am no different from anyone of them.

And I am. I keep getting asked to share what I know… By Soul, and by Spirit and that deep pull which lies beyond me…

And the how and the why and the where of this is a constant ache. And a constant balance of wanting to walk away from this path… And a deep ache of surrendering into it… Of the what, the how, there where and the why of this. The practicalities of finding ways of cramming this into something called a marketing strategy, and a lead magnet…. and finding ways to put value on this…. Without drying it up, or taming it…

Finding ways of doing this – giving it value, in amongst a world where it is not. Where even the language for it has been lost…

Whilst my Soul just laughs at those practicalities. And whispers to me that I am here to share what I know. Even where I don’t know what I know until someone asks me….

But I have to ask you this – how the hell do I explain that to the world around me and put it into practical terms?

Dancing into the New Year

Hello Beauty!
Wishing you Blessings and Joy in the Year ahead…

I just… want to take a moment to say well done! We’ve made it this far…. It’s been a hell of a year hasn’t it? I’ve really missed hugs this year. AND at the time – I feel so deeply grateful for everything last year brought – the heartaches and the deep introspection that so many of us experienced. And the time to be able to do that… just sit and navel gaze…. and dream and vision and create…  And from this – more…. 

I’m grateful for your presence on the planet at this time now. And I’m grateful to be here NOW. There’s so much I could, or should, or want to say and to share with you – but I don’t want to sound like an advertisement, or use cliches, or anything like that really….

I just, want to take a moment to say thank you. For being here, and now. For the work that is being done by you and through you, as you bring your presence to the planet at this time… Many of us have heard for years about “the changes” – of a new earth being born.  And Birthing is always a messy process… So, I just want to say thank you for your ability and your willingness to be present during this messy process… Cakes, moments of genius, dreams coming true – none of that happens without there being a bit of mess along the way. I’m hoping and planning to write more, create more and do more this year.

My intention for the year is to get beyond my own fear of being more visible, dance more, and take better care of myself so that I can do more…. I’d love to know yours? 

And, I want to ask you for your help. Please share what I’m doing.   If you come across someone you think might be interested in the work I do, or just someone who needs a dose of “Morag Magicalness” – please pass my information along… Challenge my fear! And support me doing what I’m here to do – Sharing what I Know.

A friend of mine – Carola – answered a prayer I put out there and has asked to do more with me, in terms of helping out with admin and creating more content, and website help… So I’m building a team! 

I’m doing one to one Zoom sessions around my child and home-schooling till schools go back – all the “normal” in these times we live in.

Coming up, there’s an Intuition Development Circle starting up again, via Zoom – 7th January. There’s a Connecting with Trees course starting up too – 22nd January for that one.  It’s a deep dive into connecting with the energy of different trees worldwide, and learning more about each of the different types. (The Trees keep asking, so that will be a fun exploration for me too! 😉 )

I’ve reinstated the Marvellous Meditations – but changed it. I was struggling to get people’s videos to them, not getting feedback – it drove me nuts! And made me sad. So, I fell apart on that one and hid away… But brought it back out, changed a few things, dusted it off – and put it back out there…. 

In March, there is a Chakra & Kundalini course planned. And another “Future Visions” Course planned….

I’m co-hosting a blog page called “Shift Happens” and looking for others to contribute to this… Basically, building positive energy and offering skills and insights “out there” into the world…. 

The website is in a constant process of being updated… 

It all sometimes feels a bit like baking a cake blindfolded and making a mess – & trusting the process as I go that at the end of it, will be something delicious… 

And I’m trying to make sure I dance every day, go out, breathe deep, laugh with my son, and see the Beauty… Because really, it doesn’t all need to be done straight away and life has its priorities you know? Laughter, and love, and seeing the Beauty everywhere – and sharing what I know…. 

Wishing for you, such beauty and joy in the year ahead.  And, I really would love to hear your intentions – even if its just a quick line back.  I may not reply, but I do value those moments of contact and inspiration your sharing gives me…  

I hope too you can appreciate yourself enough to know the value of the role you are playing on the earth in these times of shift and change – how you act as a catalyst and point of love for all those you encounter.  And that you take enough care of yourself to be able to keep on keeping on! Sending you my love, and a wish for blessings for your journey… 


Morag – Heart. Soul. Earth (moragleiper.com)

What’s Next?

Shew, what a journey this year has been! I set out with the intention to write more often, learning how to do this blog thing, and instead I’ve been creating online courses… It has been a busy year, in amongst the deep contemplation of being held within this lockdown we have all experienced. I learnt to just slow down, that there is only so much I can do as a momma on my own. And to look at where my time most needed to go in each moment… I learnt to come back to myself, honouring that call I feel to share what I know, even in the midst of washing dishes and being mom.

What’s next…. 

I’m finalising up dates and times for an online Tree Connection course – that’s a biggie! January launch for that.  Carola – who I first met and connected with around 20 years ago at Shamballah Angels in Johannesburg, got in touch, asking to help me with “more”. She has been my super star and loaded my crystal course information into the modules for me – I have to record the meditations to it now… That will be self-study rather than live, at least for now.  There’s a Chakra and Kundalini course in the works there – thinking March for that… That one is a collaboration with Carola I’m really looking forward to! There’s a “Get Connected” course loaded up – again, I have to record the meditations… Also another self-study rather than live…  I’m trying to work out some kind of membership package / subscription thing to thank you all and others who have worked with me for a while. 

I’m getting a “pull” to do Future Visions again – probably March for that too…  This is an online course I ran earlier in the year, looking at what the Future we are co-creating looks like – in a hundred years or so. It is deep Soul work, involving visioning and deep healing. And I’m looking at re-instating the Monday Meditations in a way which is going to keep me inspired and recording and loading them… The Soul Journey workbook I’ve been creating is calling to me, and the Children’s book I’ve been working on is needing some TLC…. I’m planning to start writing more here too now that I’m getting a routine of creating courses sorted, and have the tech worked out! And a “Shift Happens” Blog is up – We are inviting in collaborations for that! Bev, another one of my admin angels over the years, kicks my butt and reminds me to stay focussed and grounded… So, realistically – lots and lots is happening and in the pipeline…

Practically, I’m also aware that I need some fresh air – my garden is calling and the energies out there want me to go play and dance with them – and find that gold which came up in one of the intuitions on the recent Deepen your Intuition Course for me… And it is the holidays! My boy will be back Monday afternoon – I have presents to wrap, and baking to do… And the floor to clean… And then it is Christmas! 

I know it doesn’t all need to be done at once, and I know I don’t need to do it alone.  Carola is helping me with the admin, reminding me to take breaks, and asking what is next… Bev does the same, keeping me grounded and laughing… And it all feels good.  And, it feels great to be dreaming of doing more… sharing what I know… and growing… 

Solstice is nearly here. My body is calling out for me to do a fast – maybe juice, maybe water.  For at least 1 day, though I’d love to do longer.  And connect with the land.  I need to sit with it properly, but it is feeling like a beginning of something far more… And that feels fantastic. – That honouring process and going deeper, getting clearer and more focussed.  And solstice has always been such a good time for me to do it in the past…  It will be fun to see what arises from the space this time…

And then the fun and madness of Christmas at home! And the deep satisfaction which comes from being quiet and still and sharing that time with my boy… I know so many of us are deeply affected by CV19 – its been a year of it! And I believe that it is changing our global culture in ways we don’t fully understand or appreciate as yet.  The one thing which stands out for me in amongst it all and the fear and polarity I see “out there” is simply about focussing on where each one of us aligns our thoughts, and our energy…  Each one of us is contributing to the future we are creating, and right now, is a good time to focus on the land beneath our feet and the energy we carry…  

In the meantime, tucked away in our cosy wee home on the edge of the highlands – In amongst the rest of my “doingness”,  I’m focussing on dreams of a polytunnel I want to buy. Because I love having my fingers in the soil, and I love knowing where my food comes from… 

Enough now – I’m going to end, wishing for you, a magical holiday and enough quiet time to contemplate your own vision and inner “pull”…. Starlight in your soul…

Love, light and laughter always, 


Season shift & school gate immunity

So, this isn’t my normal musing meander…

More, it is a moment of practicality… The season is shifting, the children are coming running out of the school gate – or in at the beginning of the day as the case may be. And my child is supporting me building my own immunity whilst he builds his… Wonderful hey?

This means he brings home bugs. And viruses. And germs. In this current super covid consciousness culture – how awesome is that? My child is bringing home an opportunity for us both to get stronger as he grows… Bit scary at times – is that tickle in the throat something to worry about… or is it just a chance to gooze and cuddle on the sofa? Time will tell!

In the meantime, these are my two “go to” tools. Whatever you do though, don’t just take my word for it. Research, have a look around, see if its appropriate for you. And, this in no way should be taken as a substitute for seeing medical professionals, or getting tested if that might be the case. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, remember to consult your support team and appropriate medical people. I can take no responsibility for the choices you make – I am neither a medical professional, nor a herbalist. Simply a mom, keen on herbs, plants and a slightly feral lifestyle connected with permaculture and organics. These are just my own personal kitchen “go to” tools for our health when the school gate starts resounding with snotty noses and such…


Well, Cherry Bark is a traditional herbal remedy useful for treating coughs, and other respiratory issues. We have both been using it during the seasonal changes over the last 18months and have seen a significant reduction in coughs, as well as improved recovery time. ( I have a life time history of struggling with coughs and lingering chest infections. Not since I started using this stuff though! And since starting my child with this, it seems that coughs clear up faster for him than with many of his class mates… )

And, Elderberries have a long history of being used for cold and flu relief. They are an general immune system booster. Over the years, I’ve found this particular syrup to be great way of getting a concentrated dose into my child. Again, I take this – or the adult version. We do still get colds and such, but we recover fairly quickly.

Oh – and both of these taste fairly good so aren’t too hard to get the small fry to actually take! 😉 Because that’s important too right?

Wishing you all the best, a happy, healthy immune system and sunshine for your smiling soul.

The Overwhelm…

I’ve been struggling. The last few months, coming out of lockdown, getting back to school, getting back into routine – Life should be sweetas! And really, it is! Loving gentle coffee and chats in the afternoon with other moms, dropping in on a friend who has hurt her leg – the freedom of being able to see others, play – just be. Even if we have had the threat of “another lockdown”, and global uncertainity looming over us still… But at the same time, I kept finding myself exhausted, emotional, on the edge of tears and snoozing away on the sofa, or watching crap movies and reading worse books.

Proper escapism stuff.

My diet has been crap. My child has delighted in way too much screen time – more than I’m comfortable with. And I looked around at the world coming out of the UK lockdown and all I saw was judgements, fear, anger – finger pointing. And I just found myself grieving the loss of kindness and compassion I was seeing… And I crashed.

And then, after a few weeks of grieving and overwhelm – I started clawing my way out of it once again.

The reality is that, for me, when the kak is hitting the fan, or life is tough – I get going. I thrive. I love the chaos and challenges presented. And when life smooths out, and the threat becomes more distant – less immediate – that’s when I fall apart. Because I can. It is safe to fall apart then. This time, the immediate threat had loosened its hold – lockdown was eased. But there was still the global stuff going on – and it really caused me to question my role, my ability to do more and be more present in the world… Because that’s the thing. I want to do more, be more, give more. Play a role in this shift in culture I feel is actually happening. And looking out at the world, all I could see and feel for a while was this immense heartache and pain at all these “Bad things coming to the surface…” And I just found myself overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with grief, overwhelmed with the lists of jobs that needed doing, the trying to set up work and on and on… I was exhausted and heartsore. So, I just stopped.

A Bestie once said to me that she was jealous of me. That there had been so much change and chaos and stuff going on during my childhood years – and I just seemed to coast on through it all with a smile… And that she though it had given me some serious skills! But she had hit 30, and that stuff was just starting to happen in her life – and she didn’t have the coping skills I developed as a child. I had never thought of it that way, but it did make me smile… She is also the person that, when things smooth out and life gets easy again – I often have a cry on her shoulder over nothing really. And rembering all of that, and this pattern of mine, really helped me move forward again.

I stopped. I recognised just how much I was grieving at all this anger, fear, judgement I was seeing. This perceived loss of compassion and kindness. I let myself feel into my own fear about wanting to do more, be more, give more, support more, offer more – and let myself feel into how, at a global level I can’t. I just can’t. I’ve done protests in the past. I’ve challenged status quo, I’ve done stuff. And I just felt exhausted and overwhelmed…. Unable to offer anymore of myself. And so I stopped.

I came back into the quietness and the stillness. I let myself have the time on the sofa, I let myself read crappy novels and watch ridiculous TV. I shut off from social media. And then, I also started feeling into my roots. Coming back into a practise of looking for Beauty in my day to day life. Small things. A caterpillar. A butterfly. Raindrops held in a web or on a flower…. I came back into stories that inspired me – the Celestine Prophecy. I looked for individuals who hold this type of work, or communities, or stories aligned with Beauty and synchronicity. Looking for synchronicity in my own day to day – and finding it slowly re-emerging. I came back into the music that lifts me, inspires me, soothes me. Using sound at different times of the day to create a routine. I started pushing myself to remember to take my vitamins, to get sleep, to eat good food, to get outside for a walk, to soak up the sun when I could, to dance…. To notice how my body and emotions were reacting to the food I was taking in, or my surroundings. To come back into practise of pulling angel cards or inspirational cards. I came back into practise of sitting with the big, sad emotions – and then asking myself what lay beyond them…. And, sharing all of this with my child. Because one day, perhaps, these are life skills and practises which will support him. Perhaps.

Consciously, rebuilding a sense of connection and inspiration with my daily life. A renewal… Coming back from the overwhelm and re-affirming that sense of connection I feel with Beauty. The Beauty that surrounds me and fills me and flows through me. That flow of Life, and Soul which whispers of deep soul-ful, health-ful, connected ways to live. And that I believe in. That I believe is – for all of us – part of creating new ways of being, living in community, connecting….

We all have different ways to come back from the overwhelm…. And I’m sure this won’t be my last time coming back from it. It is certainly not the first time I have come back from this. And I see so many others, returning into a place of deeper connection. Talking about their sense of loss, or grief, or fear, or anger at the world around us and how so many of the interactions are. Like me, I hear many of them cry out – “why can’t people just be kind?” And I understand, I KNOW that we need these fiery warriors, out there, fighting for so many beliefs, changes, history being changed…. I know that we need these perceptions of judgement and polarities happening…. Because it is simply part of life expressing itself, finding its way…. And having fallen into the overwhelm once again – I am so deeply grateful for the process of it. For the deep self-questioning, the self-analysis.. the navel gazing, meditations, flower essences, writings, meanderings and creativity that has been part of my path through this. The sub-conscious resting and returning – even amongst the junk food and the TV binge…. For the clarity that arises from going through the overwhelm, the dark times of heartache and grief, of feeling so alone, and sense of alienation, and hiding out on the sofa.

And so. I come back to this. Beauty calls me forward. I give gratitude for the Beauty that flows throughout my life. For how it calls me forward, how this sense of flow I feel in noticing beauty, giving gratitude, calls me deeper into a sense of connection and flow. How when I am feeling this flow – co-incidences and synchronicities occur which call me deeper… And how this is a powerful, peaceful place of deep flow and beauty. Right now, I cannot stand up and shout, and protest… My body falls into exhaustion at the thought… But I can stand, quietly, dancing, observing beauty and offering places of rest and soup to nourish wherever it this path beneath my feet takes me.

First, I nourish myself.

And so, I want to say to you – if you are stuck in the overwhelm. Take your time. Do the inner work. Look for the Beauty. Come to dance when you are ready.

7 Generations

We are living in a time of such change. And such opportunity too. Opportunity for what we are co-creating, not just for our lifetimes, but into the next 7 generations… And, it is this image of the 7 generations where I get fired up, passionate, inspired…. Imagining this future we are creating for the generations still to come… The culture that my Soul may well yet visit – some time then…

Staying with the Beauty, staying with the opportunity – this moves us beyond fear, into creativity.

And, Creativity is what we can use… Fear limits us, immobilises us, restricts us…. Let’s get beyond our Fear – and stay with that Creativity?

So, my intention is that, the work I offer up here, supports you in some way to stay with the beauty. Simply, sharing what I know and see.

The Beauty of your Soul.

For you – To feel that, see that, offer it up. And share that with others around you…

Because, I sure want to see you SHINE!

Lets do it…

And in the doing of it, we create that shining future too… I know it looks tough right now. But I believe in it… Because I’ve already experienced it. And I look forward to journeying there, with you.

Stand Firm Beauty

Artwork by Katy Lipscomb https://www.katylipscomb.com/

That heart-breaking pain of facing “something” – and stretching those muscles inside you – fear, forgiveness, compassion, surrender – letting go, growing and still coming back into the core of yourself… Knowing that there is an energy, a force… And that it will all be ok.

Yes, it looks like Fluffy Woo Woo to many. It has done to many – for so many years. And yet, you know and I know the amount of self-healing, contemplations, navel gazing and just… letting go, surrendering and opening to your own vulnerability and strength which you and I have gone through. I know the pain the Fluffy Woo Woo has taken you through. I get it. I’ve been in there too.

Stand firm Beauty! The work you have been doing, skills accumulated – have all been about preparing you for this time. To stand firm – strong, true, brave and wide open-hearted in this storm… Stand firm.

Yes, it looks like Fluffy Woo Woo to stand in the midst of all we are currently seeing in mainstream media and STILL declare – it will be ok. Without surrendering into the energies of fear and anger yourself…

So many of the stories you and I know – the stories of hope, of land loved, earth turned, children loved, open communication, powerful vulnerability and deep compassion – not many of these stories are not making the news. Yet, they are still there. I know it hurts right now. I know your heart is going through aching sorrow, and flashes of a joy so deep it defies understanding. And that even this joy – it hurts…

You are not just standing in your Fluffy Woo Woo dear heart. You are actively working towards creating a new future. Different to what mainstream media is projecting. And for this future we need you. We need your skills. Your wild, crazy, creative, imagination. Your attention to detail. Your powerful, wide open, vulnerable heart. Your deep fierce compassion. Your vision of a future based on love and compassion. And your willingness to do the work, take the steps needed to get there… You have already gone through the fire in the last years, and in the midst of all this change, all these challenges – you have the right and the strength to stand here in all your glorious Fluffy Woo Woo and declare “It will all be alright.” I will stand by your side. And I will take the steps with you, to create… A different future to the one we see being played out now on mainstream media. And there are others, all holding their pieces of this wild, crazy, loving future we are creating… And there are those, who have perhaps been on the fringes of the Fluffy Woo Woo, but who have gone their own deep healing, through their own deep dark nights…. Who have been broken open by pain, grief, sadness and who have returned into their own sweet hearts from those shadows – and they are stepping forward too. There are many paths…

So, draw together your strength, dear one. Hold onto your Vision. Acknowledge your resources, knowledge and skills. You know the ones – those ones based in the fluffy woo woo knowingness – Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Energetic. That “stuff” you’ve been healing for the last years, that “stuff” slowly making it’s way into the mainstream. And lets create this new Physical…

Meditation is…

Meditation is medicine for our body, heart, mind and Soul. It is a practise of, and it supports the awareness of being in the moment, whilst being in the moment. It generates mindfulness, of that moment, with all its emotions, expressions, and experiences…

Meditation is a practise, and a gift. The more we practise, the easier it can become. It’s gift comes in that the more we do meditate, the more we settle into it. Our breathing softens, calmness descends, emotions settle. Sometimes we move into the observer role, sometimes we gain clarity and insights. Sometimes it throws our emotions up, and this can be good too.