Honouring this body. And the world around us.

A Meditation which takes us into gratitude and nourishment for this body, and the adventures it takes us into…

Recognising patterns of fear, and releasing.

Just on 23 mins long, a meditation for nourishment.

My dog decided to join her voice to mine during part of this session ~ She sends you her love too!

Recorded during a Tuesday Morning Live Meditation, 12/05/2021. All meditations from Morag are intuitively channelled & original. 

Thank you.

Blessing of the Bones

This meditation takes us into awareness of, and connection with the bones of our body.

To Start with.

And then into the bones of our belief system.

Releasing old, breathing in love. 

And softening into this moment.  

Just over 32mins, this is a meditation with a healing aspect… 

Recorded during a Tuesday Morning Live Meditation, 04/05/2021. All meditations from Morag are intuitively channelled & original. 

Blessing of the Bones, Morag

Thank you.


A meditation for Being with the Body, Softening into the body, and creating space to set Intentions…. 

And offering gratitude for this body, this present moment…

Just over 28mins, this is a meditation with a healing aspect… 

Recorded during a Tuesday Morning Live Meditation, 27/04/2021. All meditations from Morag are intuitively channelled & original. 

Thank you. 

A Breathing Meditation

When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace. ~Author unknown

A meditation for Bringing Awareness to and through Breath…. 

And connecting with self, body, emotions, love, and presence…

This one can also be great to use as a walking meditation after the initial breathing introduction….

Just over 28mins, this is a meditation with a healing aspect… 

Recorded during a Tuesday Morning Live Meditation, 20/04/2021. All meditations from Morag are intuitively channeled & original. 

Thank you. 

Hello Beautiful Soul! I’m intrigued – a few people who have done this meditation have shared some amazing experiences they’ve gone on to have during the day – I’d love to hear from you as to yours, if you feel moved to share… Have an awesome day!

You’ve got this…

From my Heart to Yours!
Hello Beauty Bugs!
How are you Today? I just wanted to drop past and say to you – “You’ve got this” – whatever it is that is going on in your day to day… The little step by step changes that you are making as you grow and shine MORE, the great big vast challenges that you are facing – You’ve got this.  You are here, now, breathing and living, on this planet Earth through such intense changes that WE are co-creating. Take it one step at a time. Remember to breathe. You’ve got this.
You can do it…
I believe in you, absolutely. 
Sometimes we forget. I know, it is so easy to do. We get overwhelmed… and we forget. But the sun comes out, that fierce wind falls away, and the land softens… the flowers emerge – and the day starts fresh…. In the midst of juggling holiday shenigans with a small one, meeting up in socially acceptable groups as we emerge from lockdown and winter, rising with the sun this morning and recovering from a cold – I am reminded – You got this. It is an echo that calls back to me… You got this. You can do it.  Together we can do so much, but first of all, – self-care. Doing what needs to be done so that you can get up in the morning, and keep moving forward… counting the blessings, breathing deep… You got this. I wanted to share a freebie I was gifted today with you too. Leonie Dawson is a wonderful artist-business woman-mover and shaker… She has mo-jo, and she has some awesome courses (40days to create and sell your e-courseMoney, manifesting & multiple streams of income40days to a finished book, and a bunch of others….) Her course prices go up at the end of this month it could be a worthwhile investment if you are considering something like this, to bet the course now and do it later, when you feel ready… Just a thought.  She’s Aussie, she swears – a lot. And she has some very strong views… Her course content is great and has certainly helped me loads… Here is her freebie – which just really reminded me today to celebrate ME. and YOU. And reminded me… “You got this” . Its a printable poster to remind you of how awesome you are! Right now, I’m off to eat my croissant whilst it is hot, and get dressed for today’s live Meditation – then its off for a walk in the forest, playing and collecting pine needles to make pine needle syrup… busy sunshiney days…  Down below, there are links to courses / packages coming up – because I’m excited about them and enjoying creating them! and so looking forward to sharing them with you! Have an awesome day Beauty, I hope the sun shines for you…

Love, Morag

A Membership Package – Soul Support
The next Course- Deepening 
The next round of the Tree Connection work

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Releasing what no longer serves…

A meditation for Breathing in, Breathing out, Releasing what no longer serves…. 

And connecting with self, love, and presence,,,

Just over 28mins, this is a meditation with a healing aspect… 

Recorded during a Tuesday Morning Live Meditation, 13/04/2021. All meditations from Morag are intuitively channelled & original. 

Thank you. 

Being Present – Gratitude for your Presence

A Meditation for Being Present, within the moment, and gratitude within that… For your Presence.

Just over 19minutes, a good one for deepening into being present, and gratitude within each moment….

Recorded during a Tuesday Morning Live Meditation, 06/04/2021.

All meditations are intuitively channelled by Morag and original.

Thank you.

Measuring Success…

Hello Beauty Bugs!

How are you Today?

The Juicy Stuff I’ve created in the last 5 days…

~ It’s been percolating for a while now, and now that it’s here, it is leaving me feeling inspired and SO excited! Take a look – I hope some of it does the same for you! 

A Membership Package – Soul Support

The next Course- Deepening 

The next round of the Tree Connection work

(I love that I’ve had signup’s already – and I hadn’t even finished creating it yet!)

Tell me, how do you measure Success? 

Earlier this week, I was beating myself up. A LOAD of Admin tasks to get done, a reshuffle of the house to finish and an office space to create – and a poorly boy needing to stay off school… My heart just dropped. 

And I felt that overwhelming pile of stress looming…. 

I didn’t want to feel that, I wanted to be present for my child AND I felt I needed to get some of the admin done.  There was only so much I could actually hand over to Carola – most of it was stuck in my head, and I knew only the act of writing it down would bring it into clarity… And I knew late nights, and early mornings and a poorly boy were not going to work… Not in my short term, or in the long term… It takes too long to recover from those nowadays…

It helped to ask myself, in that moment, what was my priority. In that moment, what COULD I do, and what actually NEEDED to be done. My boy needed me – that was the first focus.  He could help me with the office reshuffle & creation space. The admin – bare necessities. So all my priorities got shuffled and juggled. Outstanding admin which I planned to do this week got shuffled to the weekend for when he is with dad.  Furniture reshuffle and office space creation got bumped up to be done together.  And I played the theme song to the Jungle book in my mind whilst trying to clear the stress in my brain… – you know the one – “Bare Necessities”. And so we danced, cooked together, and I tried to be present.  

Here’s the thing about being present though – its not something I can try to do.  I’m either in that space – or NOT.  And I haven’t been this week. I’ve been stressed, trying to work things out in my head whilst trying not to be grumpy with my child… Yea, I reshuffled things around, but I still felt stressed… And that spilled over into me being a bit of a grump when my boy needed me to be soft. 

Yesterday, I surrendered. I stopped trying. I have a regular “Meet and Process” with a friend. We set an hour aside, 30mins each, and just witness the other processing. I get her to say to me “Tell me the Truth of Who You Are”. I talk for 5 mins, she thanks me, gives me a minute of silence – and then asks me again : “Tell me the Truth of Who You Are”. (This is a modified version of a process I learnt on an Enlightenment Intensive with Claire Heron and Shivam. Link here to find out more) And in the midst of that space, I just felt all this grief welling up in me. Mothering, Working. Single Parenting. Being so alone.  Grumping and Stressing. Feeling like I was failing my child, and the people waiting for the admin stuff and myself – that need to pay the bills, do more, give more… All the pressure… – Just Stuff. The truth is, in that moment, I was able to see all the stuff, and looking within myself, to answer that question, in that moment of what is my truth anyway…  

And in that moment, as the stuff started falling away, I found myself just appreciating who I am and what I am doing.  I am Mothering a child who can cook, helps with chores – with the normal level of protest to a child, is kind to animals – and yea, spends more time on a screen than I would like. That’s my judgement and my stress point. He’s happy about it, I struggle – and he balances it with a wide range of other skills… I need to remember that and forgive myself when I resort to giving him a screen whilst I work… The work will – is – getting done. Stressing won’t help. There are deadlines – mostly imposed by myself. Except that one outstanding Jupiter-Juniper tree which still needs loading into the course notes! That was supposed to be this week’s work whilst small child was at school. Once again, it will be delayed. Sorry Jules, and the others waiting for it – I know I said it would be there… Re-typing burns… 

But, In that moment of searching inside myself for whatever is my Truth in the moment… I found myself just recognising how much I am doing, and how well I am doing. I have a clean, mostly tidy home. I am, for the first time in my life, owning all the spaces I’m in – and making use of them – it feels like accepting myself, what I am here to do, share and give, and spreading my wings… I have a happy boy, my own health is good and getting better… There is food in the fridge, a fire in the hearth. I have work that fills my heart and soul with joy – and more coming in, with the opportunity to keep creating more of it. A garden producing food, and various tree planting ideas to still get involved in and do more with. I love, and I am loved. 

In short, in terms of my own measurements – I am successful. And I will keep growing and going.  I am strong, powerful, dynamic – and I am creating more…

My success perhaps doesn’t match how the world around me measures it – but I have never judged my success to external standards. Only, am I happy?  Am I creating more joy and kindness around me?  Am I honouring the Earth beneath me, and this playground we are in?  Am I doing what fills me with joy?  Am I listening to and honouring that call within me – that one that comes from my heart and soul and takes me beyond practicalities, and into magic, synchronicity and joy?  Yes, I am. 

And so, my answer to myself is yes. Always. I am. 

I wish for you on this early morning as the sun hovers over the horizon, and the patter of little feet thuds down the stairs – joy, happiness. I wish for you, that pull and that call, that asks of you, “Tell me the truth of who you are, in this moment”, that takes you deeper into yourself, and your own sweet living and loving… I wish for you success. The Success which comes from honouring yourself, and all beings around you, and aligning with your own deepest dreams, your highest vision and your greatest truth… That takes you beyond yourself, beyond the stresses and through the grief and into such deep joy… 

Creating the world, the children will inherit… 

With Love, Morag

Morag – Heart. Soul. Earth (

Being Present

Being Present to your Own Sweet Presence – a meditation

Want more? Feel free to sign up here. I’ll be adding to the library as I go, creating more – and just being present to where it all takes me as the journey unfolds… Suggestions, requests for bespoke, feedback – is all always welcomed.

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Today I waved my child off on the bus and though “Shew, I’m done. I’m just done today…. ”

And then I caught myself.

I caught myself starting to slide into negative thoughts, and thoughts of exhaustion, inability to cope… Just… being done, in that sense of not wanting to adult. You know what I mean? Taking responsibility, dealing with the trash, tacking the chores list, the house work, the work needed to do to create online work that allows me to pay my bills… Just adulting.

But more, engaging with life.

So. I caught myself thinking this. I caught myself in that slide. And I slapped myself – ever so gently – around my own skull with that metaphysical wet fish.

I recognised that thought pattern, and questioned…. “What the hell? Where did that come from….?” (Now sometimes, I enjoy the slide down that particular rabbit hole, but I’m trying to be more present, more focussed, more engaged with my day to day life… and basically, just enjoy it. I’m trying to stay on more of an even keel, more often, and do less of the swings from one extreme to the other…

And when I caught myself in that slide, and questioned, I came back with “What can I do, just in this moment, for the next step of whatever needs to be done next?” And I fed the birds, wondered around the garden picking up after the dog, took out the trash…

But more importantly, I flashed into my gratitude practise. Just the reflective process of asking myself what I was grateful for in my life today…

At first, the answer from grumpy me who was done adulting was a hmph, don’t want to do this… can’t be bothered, can’t think of anything…

But I remembered that yesterday, I grabbed spontaneity by the horns and phoned a friend to go for a walk before kiddie pickup. I remembered that I phoned another friend who had been on my mind and had a good chat which reminded both of us of how much beauty, joy and potential there is in the world, in the midst of all this pandemic craziness…. I remembered that I came home to a surprise gift left on my doorstep, making me feel like part of an extended family I haven’t seen for months… This morning, we woke up late, and I jumped into my child’s bed for a cuddle before the day started – normally it is the other way round. My child, without encouragement, got up and made me a cup of tea – this was the third ever cup he’s made for me. I got some chores done before breakfast, the fire loaded up, we danced in a warm house and even worked out… And this was all before I really started to look for things to be grateful for…

So the passing thought as the bus drove off was just that part of me playing, wanting to slide down into a pity party and have an excuse to stop. And I get it. We all need days like that…

But I realised at how deep a level The Gratitude practise is within me. It isn’t something I’ve only done recently, but something that started as a child for me. I read a lot – things like What Katie Did, and Anne of Green Gables, and so many others. And I remember, after one of my families more epic moves – Scotland to South Africa, and moving into our own home again, being in my bedroom as a child. And my mom, being so incredibly upset about the fact that the container with the bedroom curtains hadn’t caught up to us yet… And I said, in all my innocence, “At least I can see the moon and the stars, I’m grateful for that”. And when the curtains did arrive, it was like a small miracle… and that began a catch phrase for us – “At least we can be grateful for small mercies, like curtains.” By the time they had arrived, I’d grown to love the moon and the stars peeking in at night, that I used to open the curtains after my mom left the room at bedtime, or even, climb out the window and wander around in the moonlight… Looking back at it now, I can also see how it was part of the pattern of a small child, offering comfort and an early part of my pattern of wanting to rescue and comfort others… and that is ok too.

Throughout my childhood – with all its challenges, moves, parent’s divorcing, and teenage angst – that saying “Be grateful for small mercies – like curtains” – and that thought of looking for beauty and things to be grateful for was a constant. And it still is.

For a while, I just did it in my thoughts – it was the way I thought. And I didn’t even realise it. It just was the way things were in my brain.

My dad passed. I took on a project bigger than I realised. And I was deeply affected by grief….

And I forgot that intrinsic pattern of looking for small mercies. Like Curtains.

And I slide into depression, grief, exhaustion…. I just had nothing left to give or share. I didn’t know how to look after and nourish myself and keep going…

After a few years of that, I asked for help. And I got it. – A round of counselling – Louise, the therapist did Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with me – and the whole process was profound. She identified for me that the work I had been doing was something that was equivalent to the work load for three people. And that it was no wonder I was feeling so deeply exhausted – and that it was ok to stop. Ok to rest. Ok to just not. Ok to have boundaries… And she invited me as part of the process, to start up a gratitude practise. And I realised that I had lost that way of thinking and being which had been part of me for so long…

Becoming a mom, then shortly after, becoming a single mom – it was that same gratitude practise that kept me sane. That kept me strong enough to keep going, keep valuing, keep coming back into self-care so that I could nourish my child – and be grateful for each moment.

As my child grows, and the challenges change, it is the gratitude practise that keeps me looking for the beauty, laughing at the challenges of a flood washing through the house or down the drive… At the ongoing exhaustion at the end of each day… – that 4th shift, once the kiddo is in bed and the house still needs cleaning…

And it is this gratitude practise that has kept me sane and focussed in each moment during the last year of pandemic, lockdown, home-schooling, job loss, and accepting the amazing support from the local community, and of friends further afield. I only moved into this area 7 years ago, many of the people here are born locally, so in many ways, I am still an “off comer”.

Gratitude – and the practise of it – has kept me alive to being present to everyday moments of Beauty throughout the last year. The act of looking for things to be grateful for has kept me inspired, creative, open to miracles, humble – and oh so incredibly grateful. For the smallest things – which add up together to bigger things.

It doesn’t mean my life is easy. It doesn’t mean my life is a bowel of cherries…. It doesn’t mean I am living my marvellous dream of a life – though I am actively working towards this… It does mean that I am open, present, in love with the Beauty I see around me – and always actively seeking towards more. And working towards more… It does also mean that my intuition stays open – that things other people are amazed by – being in the right place at the right time happen naturally for me. Like for someone giving away a Drum Kit when that is on our “manifestation list”. It does also mean that I am always seeking to do more, be more, give more – because spreading inspiration and joy – just means that I feel more. And I can’t imagine not wanting to do more of that! Because it feels good. Not rescuing, because that is exhausting. But sharing and showing, and demonstrating – and just plain living a life that is so deeply connected to the Beauty that surrounds us that I can’t help but feel inspired to do more, be more and give more myself… And I want this for others too… So, my gratitude practise is part of the ripples that I throw out in the pond, – and if it touches or resounds in something within you – I am so deeply grateful.

Not so long ago, a couple of friends and colleagues were in touch, telling me how much my gratitude practise was pissing them off. Because my life was marvellous – and theirs wasn’t. And they were jealous of me, hurt, frustrated…. And, in their eyes, it was all my fault for having a marvellous life – and theirs wasn’t when they were trying so hard, when they were doing everything “right”… Hearing that hurt. It really hurt – but at the same time I was so grateful for the pain. It helped me to bring into focus why I do my gratitude practise. At the time, I felt like I was only just clinging to my sanity by the skin of my teeth. Post Christmas blues, anxiety about the bills coming in, end of winter exhaustion – and struggling each day to pull myself to myself enough to find something to be grateful for. The fact that a few people had said how much it was hurting them, hurt even more. And I just got knocked sideways. I could understand where they were coming from, I hurt for them – because life is just tough sometimes, and I could see and feel how much they were struggling… The idea that I was causing them pain, through my gratitudes hurt.

So. I stopped. For a while, I just stopped.

Throughout February, I stopped posting gratitudes on Facebook, I stopped looking for them. I stopped actively seeking.. I stopped adulting. And instead, I nourished and rested, and snoozed on the sofa with good books and trashy books, and took long baths in the middle of the day… My child was delighted – he was so grateful for the extra screen time he got allowed…. And we ate chocolate, and slept in, and played in the snow and we danced….

And doing all of that, I found that my energy cleared and lifted. My body started rejecting the chocolate and feeling sore from lying around too much. I found and remembered the simple songs which reminded me of deep truths. And I found that as I rested, I came back into a sense of connection with that sense of gratitude. Until I came to a place where I wanted to be actively writing them and sharing them. Not for anyone else – I have always been clear that I don’t share my gratitudes for anyone else’s benefit. The fact that others find it inspiring is just a lovely side affect, though it does make my heart smile sometimes to hear from others…

Towards the end of that time, my child was opening the curtain in my room, and it came off it’s tracks. His response was classic! “Oops mommy. Never mind, at least we can be grateful for the light coming in. And the days are getting longer anyway. We only use the curtains in Winter to keep the cold out.” Which is all true. And I remembered that little girl, in South Africa and told my son the story of being grateful for small mercies like curtains…

And here’s the thing, This is my dance. This life is my dance, and I get to do it the way I choose. And you get to do yours the way you choose. No judgement, just gratitude, for the learning and the growth.

And I choose to do it with Gratitude. Every day. For all of the Beauty I see and experience – and all the amazing miracles I experience daily…

Just for today, these are my Gratitudes…

Small mercies like curtains. Friends who share truth, even when it hurts. School buses. A curious brain that thinks in at least 3 directions at once. Acid tummy from chocolate. Dog poo picking up thinking moments in the garden. Crispy bacon and poached eggs. The amazing skill I have of being able to walk into a strangers kitchen and cook breakfasts for up to 30 people with relative ease… Hot cups of tea and chocolate. Juicing lemons. Cups of tea made by a child. Family fitness workout challenges – done for the day! Time spent goozing and recharging when its needed. A love of words. Spring flowers. Surprise miracle packages left on the doorstep on the day just when I’m needing some TLC…. for all of this and so much more, Thank you.