Soul Whisperer. Visionary. Catalyst. Mom.

“Show us how to do what you are doing” – a request from a friend and former student of the Intuitive Development Circles, Jayne Birkett.

Available for One-to-One Soul Support and Consultations, building a Membership package, offering online courses – and generally, sharing what I know.

Working hours:

4am-6am daily, 9:30am-2:30pm UK time

Whichever evenings I have a live course running.

Alternate weekends.

Using TimeZones, I’m available for global connections

As a single mom, home-schooling during Covid 19, in the UK, I’m working as and when I can.

In the gaps between home-schooling, and in the peace of the pre-dawn hours before the day starts….

Or once the child is in bed….

If I don’t get back to you straight away, please bear with me – I’ll be with you as soon as I’m able. At the same time, it may mean your email may have gone to the spam box… Do try again!

All my life I have seen energy. The Soul’s of the people around me shining though their physical bodies… I hear the land talking to me, the trees whispering, mountains calling… And there is such Beauty in this. Such potential for more creating even more Beauty… For ourselves, and our children – all the way into the 7th generation. This is what calls me forward – the sense of how the work we do right now – bringing our dreams and our deepest Soul’s calling into life – prepares the way for the world still to come. And, because of my work, I have seen visions of some of what we create in the future, some of what lies ahead. There is a period of transition, there is a period of intense change. And some of this is going to be really really hard…

Yet what comes out of it, the work we put in now with creating our dreams and our deepest calling – it has the potential to be absolutely beautiful. For all of us and the children still to come. Creating a planet of deep beauty, deep connection, deep community. Where living from a place of connection with Soul and Soul’s calling is the daily practise – in all religions.

Leaving the world a better place for the generations still to come. We are making the choices now, every day, aligning with our deepest Soul’s calling, as we create this new world…. And finding the way to do this, and through the challenges we face now, can be a challenge.

Finding the balance between what I see as Soul, what IS in day to day terms, and what the POTENTIAL is was my challenge for many years. It is easy to fall in love with the Beauty of a Soul – but everyday actions may not always reflect this. I have learnt, and grown, and developed… Along the way I have studied various different modalities, with many different teachers on more than one continent, and been called by different passing titles – Healer, Shaman, Teacher, Anam Cara… The most precious of these passing titles is one that came alive in me in 2014 when my child was born – Mom – and is one I will carry with joy for the rest of my life. The rest, are what others have called me when trying to put me into a category to explain my work… I’ve decided to stop worrying about what frame to put it in and just call it the work that resonates with my heart and soul… Seeing Beauty, seeing Soul, supporting growth, supporting visions of a Soul-full, sustainable, beautiful future and building towards that, supporting the 7 generations….

If my work resonates, if you want to know more, if you feel “YES”, get in touch!

Morag is a natural intuitive, empath and channel who works to support and empower. She is a Permaculture practitioner, visioning how the work today, affects the 7 generations yet to come, whilst supporting the Soul’s journey into healing now. Healthy and mindful growth, expansion of consciousness, and a practical sense of connection with Soul, Heart and Earth are all key concepts of her work. 

Online readings & consultations, Distance energy alignments, Diamond Light Grid work, Soul Awareness Technique, Ancestral healing, Hands on work, Myofascial Release technique and face to face meetings are all aspects of her work. her meditations are part channelled, part Soul-led and totally unique. Online courses are coming…

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Soul Whisperer, Visionary. Catalyst. Mom.

I ask myself often: What might our lives look like, coming from this place of Soul, unique to each one of us?  And how do we apply this, practically? What does this look like, taste like, feel like, smell like… How can I embody the wisdom and beauty of Soul I see, how can I share this…?

Supporting the work…

Just before CV hit, I was all set up, planning to use my newly acquired free time whilst my child was at school to start offering online courses and meditations again… I’d bought all the tech, started building the website, and had planned that time whilst he was at school… Life hey? 😉

I hope you enjoy the meditations on these pages. There will be courses coming shortly, with schedules and outlines to support you in diving deep… and those will be on a fixed pricing structure. But these meditations, for the foreseeable, are on a gift process. Enjoy them, share them, donate if you feel inspired. I truly believe that together we are building a beautiful future – and one of the ways we do this is by supporting each other. This is one of the ways I have to offer that support…

Donations here, via Paypal.

If you can’t donate, please enjoy anyway and “pay it forward”. Spread the sunshine, share a smile…

Inspire others and yourself…

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