Meditation :-

Helping me keep my Zen in amongst Change…

For me, Meditation is medicine for our Body, Heart, Mind and Soul. It is a practise of, and it supports the awareness of being in the moment, whilst being in the moment. It generates mindfulness, of that moment, with all its emotions, expressions, and experiences…

Below are options for you to either join a regular Meditation Club with a subscription, or enjoy the Freebies I’ll be loading up on YouTube… Enjoy, and I look forward to meeting you in that shared space….

Meditation is a practise, and a gift. The more we practise, the easier it can become. It’s gift comes in that the more we do meditate, the more we settle into it. Our breathing softens, calmness descends, emotions settle. Sometimes we move into the observer role, sometimes we gain clarity and insights. Sometimes it throws our emotions up, and this can be good too. As the emotions settle and clear, we often find greater clarity and insights arising…

Meditation can take us deeper into the moment. And, meditation can take us away, providing an opportunity for a moment of escape. We can use it as an opportunity for greater mindfulness – in that moment. Or, as a mini-break in our minds when we cannot escape a physical situation. It allows us to transcend boundaries and limitations… And, that for me, is the magic…

Intro & Getting Connected
Going Deeper into Connection
A Diver’s Meditation. No Words, Just Breathing

Yes, sign me up to the Club!

As part of your joining, I will “tune in” & record a meditation focussed just for you…

What else:-

  • Shared space with others.
  • A live meditation via Zoom each week.
  • Archive of meditations to access as and when you like..
  • And a monthly live Sunday morning meditation…
  • If you can’t make the live meditations, the recordings will be in the Club page for you…

Why Meditate with me….

I tune in… to each person, and the group as a whole… weaving and holding that energy together… When a group of us comes together to meditate – it changes, lifts, does something magical to the energy. Meditation becomes easier when there is a group -and together, we can do more, go deeper… Because of the way I work, and the experience I have – I tune into the energy of the group, and create meditations in that moment, tuned to the energy of those people. Unique, personalised, deeply powerful and gentle. but don’t just take my word for it – come experience a session.

  • Delicious
  • Magical
  • Quietening
  • Warm
  • Uplifting
  • Nurturing
  • Nourishing

Freebie Meditations on YouTube – coming soon!

Mind. Body. Emotions. Soul.

We are all Connected, Always…

Courses to take you deeper, Musings from my day to day…

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    Meditation is medicine for our body, heart, mind and Soul. It is a practise of, and it supports the awareness of being in the moment, whilst being in the moment. It generates mindfulness, of that moment, with all its emotions,Continue reading “Meditation is…”
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