Spreading Beauty, building community, planting Daffodils – increasing Bio-Diversity…

It’s the small things which count ..

Where I live in Scotland, we’re surrounded by fields managed by Farmers. It’s a generational thing – these fields have been cared for, nourished & used for crops for at least 3 generations by the same family, if not longer. All round this area, it’s the same. Generations of farmers, managing & caring for the land. It’s in their bones, in their language – the caring for the land, each other & the seasonal awareness of growth & change… Sometimes it’s cows in the field at the back of mine, sometimes it’s sheep. The Winter Oats have just been sown this last week…

You might think that with all these farms there’d be a rich biodiversity of bugs & pollinators… To a degree, perhaps. And more and more farmers are moving to plant or protect hedgerows, or create wild areas to attract more pollinators.. Many farmers feel isolated from “them Townies” who don’t know that rhythm of working with the land and the seasons… The lambing through the night, the cows breaking out, or the need to get the crop harvested before the rains come in… The concern of balancing making fields more productive with recognising the need for hedgerows & wild areas & biodiversity Vs an easy harvest…

There is always space for more! And villages are prime locations for this “more”. All the different flowers, plants, spaces we have in our living areas… I’d never thought of my front garden as being a zone ideal for biodiversity until a friend mentioned it recently. The rich diversity of front gardens, plant pots, “waste land” & public spaces… Another friend was talking about her grief about bees & her feeling of being unable to do more -& my friend offered to help her plan a garden for pollinators from early in the season all the way through the year…

Such a simple thing. And potentially so powerful….

Today, I’m out with some more inspiring friends – Fran & Pat, and the Champions from Morrisons in Banchory, planting daffodils and wildflower seeds, talking to strangers, building a sense of community & getting ready to feed next year’s pollinators… There’s a “waste” piece of ground we’re eyeing up for a pond, an orchard & a lavender field… The sun is shining, people have stopped to chat & shared ideas – or asked for more information so as to get more involved themselves. Someone appreciated the smiles we gave her. And we’re looking forward to the Daffodils in Spring.

Small things. Big results.

Spreading Beauty everywhere…. 😘🦋


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